November Goals

November is here!! (WUT!?) It really does feel like just yesterday I was camping in the middle of a field in the dead of summer with a bunch of friends! Yet here we are, November is upon us and winter and CHRISTMAS approaches! (I am a little excited about that.. can you tell?)

Here are my Goals for November:

1. Finish Everything for Blogmas!! – I have made the possibly detrimental decision to do both BLOGmas and VLOGmas this year, whilst I am really excited about both, it is going to be a lot of work, which is why I’ll be planning and scheduling as many Blog posts as I possibly can during the month of November!!
2. Shoot 4 Christmas Videos! – Along with everything above I would like some christmas dedicated content on my channel – as its my FAVOURITE holiday – also it’d be good to have some back up videos to post instead of vlogs if things get too crazy and I get ill etc… I have ALL of the plans! 
3. CHRISTMAS PREP LIKE A CRAZY MOFO – I am in charge of Christmas in my household this year… I live with 6 other people, I have all kinds of presents to plan for but also things to do… I realised that for the few days leading up to christmas we all kind of sit and watch movies and stuff.. which would be nice, but I want to busy us like… a lot, so when it comes to christmas DAY we are happy to watch movies and be together and have some quality time together… rather than trying not to wind each other up you know?

They’re my Goals for November! What are yours? Comment down below or Tweet me @Synerjes what you’re planning on achieving before December!!


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