Favourite Cosy Jumpers This Autumn | #WouldRecommend

If you have been here for more than five minutes, you’d know that I am an avid Autumn lover and my favourite thing about autumn is the fashion! I am not a summer dresser, wrapping up warm and being super cosy is literally my favourite thing to do… even in the summer I’ll sit and look in my wardrobe and think to myself “I want to be cosy today but its too hot!” Autumn is the best time for layering and still looking super cute whilst the weather isn’t too ridiculously cold!

1. NYPD – Jumpers are pretty much my favourite thing ever, I wear them all year round. I wore this one non-stop over the summer, I got it in NYC and it is the cosiest oversized thing I own, I love it to bits! I mostly wear it around the house or to the cinema so it doesn’t get out much and has turned into a slobby jumper to be honest but I feel like when summer comes back around it’ll remain the one thing I always grab. It’s not too thick and not too thin and like I said, its the PERFECT oversized size!!

2. GAP roll neck – This jumper is my new favourite thing in the world… It is so comfortable and the sleeves are really long which I always like to have for those extra Autumn vibes! I have worn this non stop recently, at first I wasn’t sure about the shape but then I remembered that not only do I not care if some thinks I look ‘fat’ but people also aren’t stupid… they KNOW I am wearing a jumper, its hardly going to synch in at the waist and show off my curves is it? 



3. Next Roll Neck – This, to me, is a super cosy winter jumper… I don’t know why but it just says ‘Christmas‘ to me… and I love it!! I actually bought it in Choice, a shop that sells last years Next stuff for a lot cheaper, I very rarely go in there but whilst on the hunt for some cosy knitwear this caught my eye on the rack as I was walking past, I tried it on and here we are! 


5. Hollister Classic – I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit of a Hollister fan girl, I love how the clothes fit me, they are made very well and its just very suited to my style in general, when I saw this jumper I let out a gasp and knew I had to get it! This is like the classic jumper that, to me, is a must have in your wardrobe, you can layer them super easily, they look great on everyone and come in so many different colours, I am definitely not saying you specifically need the Hollister one but doesn’t it look super fricken cool!? It’s another one I have been wearing nonstop (when the weather is right for it… come on English weather, I ordered Autumn… NOT spring!) It goes with so many outfits… ugh just get one ok?

Those are my favourite jumpers of the season this year! I am super happy with them because I haven’t seen anyone else with them just yet! They totally fit my wardrobe and work really well with a variety of jackets and coats which is important as winter kicks in! 
Send me your favourite Jumpers this Autumn @Synerjes on Instagram and Twitter!!

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