My End of Year Goals

Just like every month I have goals set, these past few weeks have brought some things to light that I would love to do by the end of the year!!

1. Finish The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – Every year around November/December time I read this book, I’m not too sure why but I love it so much around Christmas time! It gets me in the mood and I love the way its written too!

2. Finalise My Sleeping Routine – I was doing really well at waking up early and going to bed earlier but lately I have been working all night and have ended up sleeping in!! So before the year is up, I want to get into the habit of seeing more daylight! (Especially in December for Vlogmas and being prepared for all things Christmas!!)

3. Christmas Markets! – Due to the fact that I am in charge of Christmas for my household this year, I want to keep us nice and busy for maximum excitement! Which means ALL of the Christmas events I can get everyone to! I have found quite a few Christmas Markets and living so close to London helps because theres endless opportunities there!

4. Get Back into YouTube!! – I am hoping that Vlogmas fully kicks this off but I have been really struggling with motivation in the YouTube department, I have a couple videos ready to go and I am just going to post them and ignore the numbers for a couple weeks just to get back into the swing of things!!


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