Little Touches of Autumn

I am not the biggest fan of Halloween, so this time of year my decorations do not consist of skulls and bones and spiders (spiders are the WORST, why would I WILLINGLY put them up around the house?!) … bats are ok because they’re cute but I opt for little pumpkins and all things Autumnal rather than anything else. It is actually surprisingly hard to find some good autumnal/fall decor because everyone is too focused on selling off their halloween stuff!!
I thought I would share with you, my little collection of autumnal decor… it is not extravagant and very homemade but thats what this time of year is all about to me! As I said it was actually quite hard to find anything that was autumnal rather than spooky so it turned into me adding a lot of little things around the room to give it the right vibe rather than big garlands and little robins and squirrels like I had wished. Home sense was very good for a very short amount of time before the day of the dead took over and I couldn’t find anything in there again (VERY excited about their Christmas stuff though!) 
DIY Autumn on a String 
This was a super easy little DIY I did because I couldn’t find anything like it and I really wanted to replace the bunting I had in my room previously…



Gather some Autumnal supplies, I got mine from Hobby Craft and some string!



Measure and cut the string to how long you want it to be or the surface you want it to cover or hang from and tie off the end so you don’t loose any wooden autumnal goodness!



Thread everything through and you’re pretty much done – its super easy and would look much better wrapped around a tree or hung below a garland but I made do with what I had in my room!

Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights makes everything much more magical if you ask me… I like the fact that the lights are a cool tone because it contrasts well and lights up the sign much better (Letters also bought from Hobby Craft!)



You can hang these up any where and with fairy lights too!! I hung them up all around my room which made it much more autumnal! 



These candles I found in Home Bargains… completely unexpected, I very rarely shop in there (although since finding these I will pop in every now and then to see if there are any other gems in store!) and was so happy when I saw these, how adorable!? I haven’t lit them yet but perhaps towards the end of the year! They have little snow topped spikes too so I can keep them for Christmas!! 

Candle Holders



Candle holders are a very cheap and easy way to spice up your room and keep things seasonal! You can just switch out the candle holders and keep the same candle inside and it looks like you’ve taken a lot of time, effort and money to change things up when, in reality a good candle holder can be found for £1!




Finally, these little pumpkins (another hobby craft find) are like a polystyrene ball of autumnal glitter, they look really cool popped into random places and easily spice things up a bit… the fake flowers I have in my room are matching to the colours I want to keep consistent in my room and just adding these pumpkins in randomly made it look super cool and new! – they’re also on little wooden sticks and depending on your colours you can barely see the sticks which makes it look like they’re floating in the air!
That’s it! My room looks much better now and feels super festive too! Send me your favourite Autumnal touches on Twitter @Synerjes!

One thought on “Little Touches of Autumn

  1. amen, girl! ive never really seen the appeal of halloween decorations – i absolutely hate spiders as well so the thought of sticking them up all around the house….no thank you!

    aw i love that so many of these are homemade, so cosy and sentimental! we always have painted pine cones in my house at christmas because me and my mum always used to make them when i was younger and its a tradition that never stopped.

    you take really beautiful photos too, jess! i love the tones and colours in these 🙂

    katie. xx ♥


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