Update: New Diagnosis and being Proud of My Work

I wasn’t entirely sure how to start this, I guess I already have… but I’ll start by saying I’ve realised that I’m never going to stop changing and evolving. I used to think you had a few transitional months or years in your life and that was it I am slowly realising however, that this is not the case. It is for some (in fact I am waiting for the transition to other things in some people I know!) but it isn’t for me, I am and have always been the kind of person that turns everything into a lesson, a message. While to some this seems dramatic, its helpful when you write a lot and plan on preaching. 


I suppose this is an update post… While you’ve been getting quite a few blog posts from me, they were all written before or during october (I was on it mate) whilst in the mean time, I have been really quite ill.
I spent a lot of days in bed, couldn’t move, visiting doctors and trying to figure stuff out.
I did manage to do some little things, like coffee shop visits, I immersed myself in the Bible, fell in love with it actually, all over again.
I had a huge dip in terms of mental health… or ill health. I got to a breaking point actually, I visited the doctors again because of it and we’re working on whats best for me. I do have things I need to talk to but there is a chemical imbalance which is actually very common on one side of the family. Basically, I don’t produce enough serotonin which is the happy chemical which leaves me feeling down. That combined with some things that have been going on / bothering since I was young that need to be talked through leaves me in a bad place sometimes.
In other, happier news, I finally know my style in photography and feel confident in the way I am editing which also means I am proud and more excited of and about what I am making and posting! Which also means that my Instagram is pretty fire at the moment! *winks* Heres some stuff form some recent shoots!


While you’ve been enjoying some scheduled posts (I hope) I have been working hard on getting to a better place, mentally, physically and health wise and while I have my ups and downs I am SO ready to hustle!!

Also! I got a NEW hair cut and went a little more BLONDE!? I was contemplating pink but i figured if I just went more blonde I can add pink in whenever i wanted to but I have kinda fallen in love with this weird longish bob hair cut and colour!


I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which makes a lot of sense when you come to think of it… Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (the thing I’ve been battling and talking about on here on and off for a while) is some thing that causes a lot of fatigue and a little pain, however, fibro causes a lot of pain and a little fatigue. Really, I’m not being diagnosed with anything new, I am just receiving recognition for something I have been dealing with on my own for a long time by medical professionals that can actually help me!
At first I was a little down to add yet another title to the list of things I don’t want to control my life but it has helped me in quite a few ways already.
For example, for some reason, more people have heard of fibro then they have CFS which means that my friends and family have been able to understand me much better… that is if they know and understand fibro. Two friends immediately said “my mum has that” and have since been a lot more understanding towards me and my needs. This carries with GP’s and other medical professionals too, due to the fact that they didn’t understand CFS, they weren’t willing to give me the correct medical treatment or medicine. Now that they see fibro on the list they know a little more about it and are happier to give me what I need, whether it be advice, medication or treatment.


So there’s that too…
I love yo beautiful faces thanks so much for reading, I’ll see you next time!


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