December Goals | BLOGMAS DAY 1

I am SO excited to be doing Blogmas this year! I hope you’re excited to get ALL of the Christmas content too as always, I will start the month with my December goals…

I have been doing these pretty consistently over the past couple of months, which kinda makes me happy and definitely gives me the motivation to make sure I do the next one! It also makes me a little more accountable and gives me the drive to actually complete the goals I list! So, here is that list of goals for December

1. Vlog Everyday until Christmas – Yep you heard it from the horses mouth folks! … or rather read it… I’ll be doing VLOGMAS again this year, unlike last year (which is extremely cringey and I hate almost all of them) this year I have multiple things planned and ideas of what to talk about etc so each vlog has a point! I am SO excited about it!!
2. Finish and complete (and do) all Christmas related activities planned! – From Christmas markets to making our own cards I am keeping us super busy this year, see, I am in charge of Christmas this year and while this is super exciting its also given me a little insight as to why my mother strongly disagrees with the song “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day” Being in charge of Christmas isn’t easy at the bus of times but I have 7 people to think about (including myself) thats presents, things to do, how to make sure everyone has a good time AND vlogging.
Obviously one might say that I have taken on a bit too much but I have been planning since July! I. Will. Be. Ready!
3. Go to as many Christmas Markets and Light Switch-On’s as possible! – While I have planned and will be super busy for this month – providing I make it through the month health wise… – I have plans to do all of the christmas things with my friends this is both because I am genuinely excited but also for those sweet instagrams and vlog footage!

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