BLOGMAS DAY 2: Christmas Tag!

I have always LOVED a good tag, I think they’re super fun to take part in and the whole idea is just fun to me so… Here is a Christmas Tag! (My favourite kind!)


1. What is your Favourite Christmas Movie?

I really like Arthur Christmas, I have absolutely no idea why, perhaps its simply age, but I get pretty emotional watching it too! While I love alllll Christmas Movies that ever existed however, Arthur Christmas remains a favourite that I always find myself turning to.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or morning?

I had no idea that the first one was an option until I did this tag then I looked into it and it turns out… people ACTUALLY DO THAT!? My mum has always been super strict around this, no presents until Christmas morning, not even a little one the night before! I know its pretty traditional in America to open one the night before then take it in turns to open them on Christmas morning and maybe even save some for the afternoon – I don’t know how you people do it!! In our house its absolute chaos from 6am onwards, no saving presents for later or anything! I think I’d like to be a little different with my kids, find a way to spread the presents out a bit but also, making sure that theres family time and its not about wrapping paper flying every where all day!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas Memory?

I don’t really have a specific one at the moment, although one Christmas when I was around 10/11 I decided to take my time with each individual present and write down what I got and who from. The intention was to then write everyone thank you cards… that didn’t happen. Although since then I have learnt to take it nice and easy with the ripping and shredding and actually look at everything properly, now I am older this comes a lot easier any way but I still have friends that struggle with this!!

4. What is your favourite Festive food?

Does chocolate count? I eat a lot of chocolate around the Christmas season… its EVERYWHERE! But other than that, probably Mince Pies… mince pies and a cup of tea on a cold evening with Arthur Christmas on, thats my kind of evening!

5. Favourite Christmas Gift?

I honestly can’t really think of one… When I got my first camera that was obviously pretty big but theres been so many among the years that have more of a sentimental meaning, for example a jewellery box that I now call my ‘special box’ it has so many memories in it, from old concert tickets to pictures of me and my friend who moved to Canada… Last year I got a Friends box set. Best. Thing. Ever. I’m still going through the episodes now, but thats because I have rationed them out to last me this long. I am Chandler.

6. Favourite Christmas Scent?

ANYTHING APPLE AND SPICE. Apple and spice is my favourite thing, my nan used to have a candle burning or a glade something or other going of this scent around Christmas time every year, she still does, along with that she decorates her entire house like an absolute nutter so its literally like walking into a Christmas Wonderland!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve Traditions?

Yes! Christmas Eve in our house means we wake up at a decent time in the morning, we will either go to the movies for our Christmas movie of the year – perhaps Paddington this year? I hope! – or do some sort of Christmas activity during the day, if we didn’t get to the cinema, we’d do the activity then watch a movie at home. Lunch is also dinner and we do some family fun, the short people (my siblings) will look on the santa tracker to find out where he is in the world then we go to our local church for the Christingle. They always do something funny and we get to sing Christmas carols too! Then we head back home, put out the treats for santa, write him a note, drink some hot chocolate and eat some mince pies ourselves, perhaps watch a movie or some crappy TV together, check the santa tracker one more time before heading to bed!

8. What tops your tree?

A star, always a star, sometimes the star gets a little drunk and wonky but its been the same since I can remember and we love it dearly!

9. As a kid, what is the craziest thing you asked for but never received?

I was pretty practical when it came to my wish lists for Christmas, although I did want everything… I’d sit with a catalogue of toys and turn the page and say “I want that, i want that, I want that” good times.

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you?

Christmas is a time where family and friends are at the front of everyones minds, while I wish it could be this way all the time, I love the fact that theres so much to do together, I just love giving out my love to people and Christmas time is a time to do it and it not be weird!


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