Having properly discovered and fell in love with Lush Cosmetics this year I was very excited when Christmas rolled around (by Christmas I mean December…) to try out some of their Christmas bath bombs, oils and pretty much anything I could get my hands on!!

1. The Magic of Christmas Bubble – Bubble Bar



This one smells like orange and cinnamon to me (though I’m not the best at describing smells… Either way, its very christmas without being the classic apple and spice type of smell!


2. Golden Wonder – Bath Bomb


I’ll be honest with you, this is my least favourite one, I have cut it up to actually use it in the bath (theres a special surprise in the middle btw) because when you smell it super strongly its nice and everything but theres a hint of medicine smell which Im not a fan of… It LOOKS great though, I don’t think I would have picked this up had I not been in a bit of a hurry and in the store with ALL of the pretty smells as well!


3. Butterbear – Bath Bomb 


This is probably one of my favourites, its nice and subtle, the cheapest of the bunch at £2.50 and gives a nice soft bath! (I totally didn’t chop his head off to get a little bit for testing… he was so cute before I did that… now he’s kinda creepy!)


4. Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb – Bath Bomb


Another favourite of mine, nice a sweet (again I cut this one up so it wasn’t super strong and overbearing!) This is definitely a girly one! 




5. Candy Mountain 


This is another sweet one, I only cut this into slightly smaller chunks because the smell isn’t too much for me (and its small anyways) its a very nice sweet smell too, definitely another girly one and because its a bubble bar / bath melt (I can’t remember which tbh) theres no point in cutting it too small.
Really like this one too. #wouldreccomend 


So there we are! Thats my Christmas Lush Haul 2017! Do you like lush!? Let me know by either commenting or tweeting me! Let me know what ones you bought – if you bought any – and what you thought of them!
I’m (obviously) no expert so this is a very amateur review but overall they’re really nice, I just think with it being christmas they like to go all out and you get some strong smells as a result!

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