BLOGMAS DAY 5: My favourite Vlogmas’ to watch!

We all know that this time every year YouTube creators get more sponsorships and that means more Christmas content which is great… however, I just love a good Vlogmas, at the end of a busy day I’ll edit my own vlogmas and while thats exporting, uploading and I’m wrapping presents, writing cards or bullet journaling, I’m watching my favourite vlogmas’ sometimes I will only watch a vlog channel around this time just because I love the vlogmas videos they make!

Here are my favourite Vlogmas’ from last year and the ones I am really looking forward to this year as well! (though by the time you’re reading this they may have already started!!)

Nikki Phillipi on “The Phillipi’s” Channel!
They’re vlogmas is super cosy, I love chilling on a cold evening with they’re Vlogmas on, wrapping presents and loving life!

This is another super cosy one that is perfect for a cold evening!


I find Tanya Burr hilarious in almost all of her vlogs! I am not entirely sure if she is doing it this year but I hope so because her outfits combined with cute market visits and makeup inspiration give me all the cool christmasy feels!



Alfie Deyes on ‘PointlessblogVlogs’
Obviously similar to Zoe’s since he is living with her but he will go off and do his own thing and he tends to have a different editing style etc…



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