BLOGMAS DAY 13: My Winter Lipstick Collection

We all love a good dark lip around this time of year and I am no different to the next person when it comes to this trend as it were…

Darker lips are so much more fun but I like to keep a nice light shade in there … with a bit of a twist. Most of the time I am pretty simple with the makeup lips that I choose but if I ever want to spice it up, lips are where I do it!

Here is my Winter Lipstick Collection!

1. Dark Nude – Lo’real


This has been my go-to nude since the summer, its super easy to transition into different seasons and works well with the makeup looks I do on the daily!

2. RED – Revlon



Everyone needs a classic red lip at Christmas time… or are you even a christmas human…?
This applies really nicely and lasts a while… until you eat a muffin and its more on your cheek and the muffin than it is your lips.

3. Moisturiser – Nivea



Be responsible kids… wear your lip balm and don’t let your lips get dry! *winky face* in all seriousness this is my saving grace.

4. Pink with a Twist – Lo’real


This lipstick is actually super cool, very moisturising so you don’t walk around with zombie lips but it also has little flecks of gold in it (real gold of course) which gives it that cool christmas vibe too, I love this for a lipstick I want to wear and not worry about it coming off funny (anyone else get that weird line on their bottom lip!!??)

5. Shimmery Berry – Tanya Burr Cosmetics




The texture of this stuff is super thick but applied right (very thin layers until you get the desired look) it looks SO good and totally like… lifts your lips!

6. Always in my Pocket – CARMEX


Because I care about you, I have included this, never have dry lips again! I really hate dry lips if you can’t already tell! I but on a serious note… cherry is my favourite… you’re welcome.

So there you have it! Tweet me your favourites or a picture of you rocking YOUR favourite winter lip!!

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