When it comes to traditions, my family doesn’t have a lot of them but come Christmas time we have traditions left right and centre! Every Christmas Eve we do the same thing almost religiously! I thought it would be a nice Idea to share with you what we do every Christmas Eve!

1. Movies
If we haven’t already done so, we will go to the cinema and watch a good ol’ Christmas movie! Every year we do this, its a nice thing to do as a family and the short people (my younger siblings who aren’t actually that short anymore) enjoy it too!
If we have already made our annual family Christmas cinema trip we will take time out of our day to watch at least one of our favourite movies at home, whilst stocking up on mince pies and tea of course!

2. A Festive Activity 
Whether its ice skating, last minute Christmas shopping or baking some christmassy goodies, we’ll do it on Christmas Eve! This activity, whatever it may be will take up the majority of our day!

3. Christingle 
After the Christmas activity we’re usually pretty tired and in need of a warm up! We head home, eat some good food and rest up a little then head to our local church.
Most of you will know that I am a christian, with that being said, my family doesn’t necessarily believe the same things I do, yet since I can remember we’ve gone to church on Christmas Eve, laughed at the show they put on, socialised a little afterward, drunk mulled wine (I tend to steer clear of that grossness however, I will admit) and eat more mince pies! Its a really nice way to remember what Christmas is really all about, the Church is always packed full with people of faith and people of no faith at all, its a really nice friendly atmosphere!

4. Home Time
Then we head home, the short people will check the santa map once we get inside, then we have a hot drink, watch some TV and generally try and be together, then, eventually, before bed, they’ll check the santa tracker one more time before hanging up their stockings and heading to bed!

5. Films and Treats!
This is when I get to go to my room and chill after a very busy month! I watch a TV show or a christmas film, do some last minute preparations and generally just take it all in, be present, thank Jesus for another year of awesomeness and try extremely hard to get to sleep!

Thats it! I hope you enjoyed this little insight to my Christmas Eve, I’ll be doing vlogmas this year too so you’ll be able to see exactly what its like at the end of the month!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for a lotta christmas and a lotta my face!


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