BLOGMAS DAY 19: Favourite Cosy PJ’s This Christmas

Cosy nights in with a Christmas film on in the background whilst I wrap presents and write cards with a hot chocolate in hand are my kinds of nights!

This means I get a lot of wear out of my pyjamas and the older I get the more I like to make sure I have some really nice ones. Being ill as often as I am also means I spend a lot of time in them so some times I like to treat myself! I have two different types of pyjamas to show you today! They’re my favourite things to wear at the moment!

1. Primark Hogwarts Pj’s


I don’t know about you but if I need some new Pj’s Primark is one of the main places I think of!! On top of that, I love a good Harry Potter film at this time of year! They’re affordable and comfortable! The bottoms are from a set they are selling with little cardboard doors that open before you get to the magic! They are fully aware that their Pj’s win the game and have definitely been keeping this in mind this winter, well done Primark! The top is sold separately, I’m sure you can still find these in there but if not, due to the fact that its the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Primark have ALL of the options available – definitely take a look!

2. Next – Softest Pj’s in the WORLD



I wasn’t aware that Next were particularly good in the PJ department, having been recently watching Zella’s vlogs however, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that they are apparently the softest things she owns… so of course I took a look for myself! If an ‘influencer’ was going to be able to successfully sell me anything it’s comfy clothes for bedtime!
Suffice to say I wasn’t let down, unlike Primark where I bought the items separately, I can tell you the price of these; £25. Honestly, usually the price would put me right off, in fact, if I were looking online I wouldn’t have bought them, but I couldn’t put them down once I felt them and realised how soft they were!

So there you have it! Those are my top picks for PJ’s I’m wearing all the time, if you have any you think I might like DEFINITELY comment and let me know, at the moment I am wearing these alternately but it’d be great to have some others in there too!


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