I don’t know about you and where you’re from but round these parts we haven’t had snow in a long ass time… So, on this beautiful Sunday morning, I woke up for church with a start when my brother yelled “ITS SNOWED” – which happens any time there is a different form of weather than he is used to. After all he is a Brit and us Brits are rubbish at anything that isn’t cloudy, a bit sunny or heavy rain. So while most people opt for the term and confinement of being “snowed in” I much more prefer to be SNOWED OUT! That is… until my feet are freezing, I can’t feel my toes or my fingers and my legs can just about get me home, then I’m all for being snowed in with a cuppa hot chocolate and a good film… and some pretty pictures to edit!!

On this particular morning I had been excited to attend church and realised that the walk to church just became the best thing ever!


I immediately grabbed my cameras and headed outside with my cousin and we headed to church! It was the best walk ever, the last time I saw snow I was far too worried about going down the nearest slope to admire how pretty it made my little town!





After church (which was actually one of the best services we’ve had in a while, hardly anyone turned up – though thats not why – so it was really intimate, we attend church in a CINEMA which is super awesome but this week we didn’t use the big screen or the speakers, to musically all humans played the guitar and a drum and we all just sang songs that we knew. No one cared about what any one else was doing and it was just a case of being surrounded by like minded people who were willing to brave the snow to come along!!) anyways… after church my good friend Jas joined me and my cousin, our first stop was obviously COSTA…


Gotta get that gram am I right?

After that we spent a couple hours exploring our town which we know so well and seeing it in a completely different light.
I always knew I liked the snow, but like I said I was very much preoccupied, however, seeing my town – which i have photographed from every angle in every season – in the snow threw a whole new world into my hands and i caught it with both hands!
Heres some snaps from our exploring!!


This looks like Narnia to me…










My cousin-brother (cousin who is basically my brother) is also a vampire…



She slipped – didnt fall over – I wish I could say I didnt chuckle








“Do you really want me to film…?”












Me moments before I slipped…


Me posing hardcore … I was instructed to do the Insta pose by Jas, though slightly embarrassing, does work!


Me being perfectly innocent and Tommy being caught off guard in thoughts of murdering me apparently…









So that’s that! My little adventure in my snowy town for the day, I hope you enjoyed this different than usual perspective, while it did provide me with brilliant lighting and a beautiful backdrop for anything, it did have its own challenges! Send me your Snowy pictures on Instagram or Twitter, I’d love to see where your mind went on a snowy day!

Thanks so much for reading, love ya faces!


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