I don’t know about you but I see this time of year as a perfect Hot Chocolate opportunity, over the years of loving a gold old warm cuppa chocco I have slowly added different things that I like (and immediately forgotten about others!) so I thought I’d share with you what I like to do as soon as Nov/Dec hits! This isn’t anything particularly unique but I like it anyway 😀


1. Cute Mug
The first thing on any instagramable hot drink recipe is a super cute mug for display purposes only, even if the mug goes against all practicality, opt for the cute mug…
This one is from HomeSense (a fave store of mine since one opened up in my town!) Its a nice size too, sort of resembles a bucket if you know what I mean!


2. Hot Chocolate
This is an obvious essential for this recipe… I genuinely only really like this super cheap one from Tesco… its nice enough to put quite a few scoops in or just 1/2 depending on what your mood is. I opt for 3 heaps to be honest, I like my hot chocolate nice and chocolatey!
You can choose what you like of course… the best thing about these easy recipes is that they are totally and completely customisable!


3. Milk
This is a necessary step for me, some people don’t even bother adding in milk… to be honest I didn’t even know this was a thing until someone ASKED me if I WANTED milk!? YES I do thank you very much! – Side Note: Soy Milk is really nice in hot chocolate!
I often fill up the hot water to about 3/4’s and then top up with milk!

4. Whipped Cream 
A very important part of the process! Nice big squirt of whipped cream on top! – I really like whipped cream, in fact, I’m pretty worried for my health because it’d be very like me to have this in my fridge amongst many other incredibly unhealthy things just in case I want to snack on them once I am living alone.


Make sure you add a little of your hot chocolate powder on top of the cream to ensure that you feel like you’ve just bought this for far too much money from a chain coffee shop!

5. Peppermint Candy Cane
This is super cool, I actually first discovered this by accident when one fell into my drink. But if you hang it off of the side like I show you in the pictures it MELTS in the Hot chocolate and makes it ALL MINTY AND GORGEOUS!!


6. Gingerbread Men
No hot drink is complete with out some cute little treats to go along with it, Im not usually a fan of gingerbread just on its own but with this drink…. ugh its SO GOOD MAN

And there you have it! A super nice hot chocolate with a bit of a twist and very nice complementary treats! Let me know if you make this / enjoy it! You can tweet me or send me your pics / tag me in them on instagram!!!


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