January Goals

This time of year in particular is a time where we must start as we mean to go on, with everyone talking New Years Resolutions and fresh starts now is the time to make the change. As you may know if you have been around for a while, I like to make monthly goals at the beginning of each month, this year I’m thinking of including a recap and mentioning if I actually managed these goals so let me know if thats something you’d be interested in!

This months goals correlate to my goals for 2018 as a whole, the thinking behind it is that if I start these habits early on in the year, I am more likely to continue them! So, I am starting off simple and seemingly easy but we’ll see how I get on..!

1. Wake Up before 10am Every Day – I am currently taking a sort of gap year… advised by doctors so that before I went to uni they could try and figure some stuff out about my health etc. Being at home, at first I was really good at waking up at a decent time and getting my ass in gear to do something productive however over the past few weeks… really since winter fully kicked in here in the UK I got ill multiple times and ended up needing the bed rest which then ended up with me waking up later and later because I had nothing to do. This month however I am determined to wake up before 10am everyday!
Through analysing my sleep patterns with different apps, I have realised that (probably through waking up early for school for most of my life) My best time to wake up before 10 is actually around 7-7:30am. Which is kinda sucky but also super helpful because in September I’m off to uni so I have all this time to prepare myself for those early lectures!
Just because I am awake at 7, doesn’t mean I am up an about, to set goals you can actually achieve means to set reasonable goals that are achievable! So, even if I am awake and reading the Bible or watching a whole movie before I leave my comfy bed, I am awake! Due to the fact that I am ill, sometimes mornings are the hardest things in the world, sometimes I struggle to brush my teeth or even sit up! Thats why I am not setting myself up for failure by saying I want to wake up at 7 and be ready by 9 because thats not realistic at this point, I’m simply not well enough. Waking up at 7 however, does mean that even if I have to take a nap during the day, I will sleep better at night!

2. Go Outside!! – There is a huge park with fields and ponds and streams which lives really close to my house. I don’t get to see all of it very often because I don’t make it round the entire thing every time I go but I not only want to make use of the beauty on my doorstep but I also want to use it to my advantage.
Again, being ill means that sometimes I can’t leave the house, so “getting outside” could mean sitting on a chair in the garden, I would often gather books and notebooks a table and a chair and sit in my garden in the summer because its good for the mind, body and soul.
So, this month I want to make sure that I am outside for a minimum of 10mins everyday, sometimes I’ll be able to handle way more than that, sometimes I might have to split it into being outside for 2 mins 5 times in one day but I am the kind of person who benefits from nature and good ol’ vitamin C so this will help me get a little manageable exercise in walking and a breather for my brain. – I would also like to spend these ten minutes NOT on my phone, I am pretty good at this but insist on bringing my phone with me, it’d be nice to not even think of taking it by the summer and just spending time outside with no distractions!

3. Get out of Bedroom for 30mins Every Day – I retreat to my room very often, I live in a house of 6 people and over the Holidays I seem to have spent more time in my room watercoloring, reading… or being ill then I have with my family, which sucks. So, to start out I want to make sure I spend 30 Mins outside of my safe four walls everyday and when you live in a house with 5 other people, every other room tends to be occupied (unless they’re at school) so I’ll be seeing a little more of the fam too!
If I’m really ill and can’t move (I have days where my mum has to lift me and literally feed and water me) I’ll stick to my bed but if I can’t manage a few steps, I’ll sit in the living room, that way whoever comes and goes, I can interact with and I am also comfortable.
On good days I can help out in the kitchen, bullet journal at the table in the dining room rather than my bedroom etc.

4. Read My Bible Everyday! – I was pretty excellent at this until the past couple of weeks (ironically, Jesus’ Birthday…) being so busy with family and Blogmas etc I simply rejected it which is SO not cool! I really enjoy the Bible app because I can follow a specific plan and read it right when I wake up but theres nothing like holding your bible in your hands and when you’re like me and you have the heart of a preacher, you have a lot of notes to take and points to make! So this month I hope to at least pick up the Bible everyday and ideally, study it 3x a week!

I have been extra careful to set achievable, manageable goals this month because I want to start off this year as I mean to go on! I’ll be making a cool video about my NYResolutions which will hopefully be out by the end of the week, so look out for that one!
I will certainly be interested in hearing your goals for the year / month so let me know I hope you enjoyed this type of Post where I went a little (a lot) more in depth into each goal and why I set it and look forward to reviewing them with you next month!!

Remember to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference, I love you millions,


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