How to Beat to January Blues and KICK ASS this Month!

Around this time of year the world seems to get a little down, Christmas is over, the weather is still crappy (depending on where you live) and everyone heads back to work or school. Over time this … ‘thing’ has developed where, every year, heading into January people set goals that they immediately think they’ll fail and basically set themselves up for a crappy year.

1. Are Jan Blues even real??
The first thing you need to understand to beat January Blues is that theres no such thing! The media and anyone selling anything has picked up on the fact that in the beginning of January you can feel a little crappy and suddenly their product is the one thing thats going to fix your problems! So everyone plays on that fact that ‘Jan Blues’ is a thing in a hope to essentially… get your money. 

2. Hold off on your New Years Resolutions!
Now, with that in mind we can start January afresh, understanding that you don’t need anything but the will to be happy this month and to start this year off right is all you need! 
First of all, if you are not a goal setting type of person… don’t set goals, I personally enjoy this process, it works for me and I can look back in 6 months to a years time and see the progress I have made. However, if goal setting just doesn’t work for you, whether its because you can’t stick to them or you just don’t like them then why go through the effort and inevitable disappointment?!
Theres nothing wrong with NOT setting goals, don’t follow along just because everyone else is doing it!
If you’d still like to measure your successes specifically theres other two options for you, the first is that you simply set guidelines to follow, not specific targets and see how well you managed, the second is to make a list throughout the year of anything that you are proud of! Even if it is as little as not eating the chocolate cake at the event or as big as passing an exam or climbing the mountain – physical or metaphorical.

3. Get Outside!
My next piece of advice might be a little difficult for those summer babies and homebodies out there but seriously… you need to get outside bro!
Being amongst nature (if you live in the city visit it’s parks) and breathing in some fresh air is so good for the soul! Even if you simply try and go for a 10 minute walk once a day (which is actually one of my Jan Goals) it makes so much difference, you have had to go through the process of getting up, getting ready and getting your shoes and coat on and that all adds up to helping you feel like you have achieved something during the day.

4. Have a Clear Out
I have just finished my clean up of my room and boy can I tell you how much better I feel already! 
Throw out clothes that don’t fit like they used to, throw out those things that you’ve been holding onto for a dumb reason and get excited for the space for new things because of new stupid reasons!
I have definitely put on weight over the past few months (its fine , we’re cool about it… sort of) and holding onto clothes that don’t fit right just isn’t healthy for me, nothing that I don’t fit into anymore is better than me! No doubt, I have plans to go back to the size where I could fit into them again but I’m not doing any exercise or changing any habits just to fit into a dress. I am doing it because I want to feel a little healthier, so to make sure that I stick to those reasons and not the slightly more vain ones, I threw out anything that didn’t fit properly and guess what! I still have too many clothes!!

5. Plan Something FUN!
I have made it my business to make sure that for the next three months, not only am I kept pretty busy (with designated rest days to recover) but I have some pretty cool trips and adventures planned that I am really excited to share with you! Some are bigger than others but they’ll be fun all the same and its really got be excited for the new year and its new possibilities! 

6. Make a Change!
One of the main things I find pretty dull in January is that in December we all happily abandon our daily routines and welcome the chaos that is Christmas!
So, every year I like to change something! Whether its a shampoo I’m using – we all know the feeling of freshly washed, really great smelling hair, I love changing it up every now and then so its a nice surprise almost! The change could be a new highlighter, coat, book anything. If its something you’re likely to use in your daily routine then even better, you’ll feel the difference a lot more!

Applying and doing little things in January can set you up not only for a happier month but a happier year! Don’t use this time to sit and wallow, use it to make those changes and do the things you wish you had last year! Reflect on the previous year and instead of getting down, change what you didn’t like and try and keep and do more of the bits you did! 

Remember, Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference!

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