Why I’m Choosing Instagram over YouTube

At the time of writing this, YouTube hadn’t yet changed any ad rules, however i thought it would be still make a good read because it is still very relevant and I will be sticking by what I said, YouTube is no longer my main focus however i will be posting and using that platform regularly.
If you have been around for a while you will know that photography and fashion aren’t the only things that I will happily do in my spare time, video making is a passion of mine of which I’ve had since I could remember. 
I was lucky enough to be around at a time when technology hadn’t quite taken over the world just yet and YouTube was truly a place for weird cat videos, I didn’t watch (loyally) my first youtuber until much later on yet before all this I’d make videos and take pictures, granted they weren’t great but when you aren’t even 12 yet your ideas can be a little simple! 
I started uploading to YouTube a little too young in my opinion I was about 12 or 13 and I wish I still had those videos not only to show you how bad they were (i can’t watch them) but also to show you – and most people that didn’t know me back then – what I was like before i got ill! Back then subscribers were easier to come by because people watched from a genuine interest in what you had to say, not how much money you had, the gear you used or how many subscribers you had! People with a lot more subscribers than you would comment back to you and give advice just to be nice! 
You can probably see where I am going with this… YouTube simply isn’t the same anymore! People with 10 mil subscribers will ignore someone asking for a collar who has 8 mil but then approach someone with 13 mil subscribers for the exact same thing! 
People have become so focussed and obsessed with being the best that they forget to just chill out and be nice! YouTube itself as a platform has decided to favour certain individuals that I simply can’t get behind.
That all aside though (because its been the case for a while and not what pushed me over the edge) I, myself, just fell out of love with making videos, people don’t realise how much effort it actually takes, the pressure to not be boring, one friend sat right in front of me and told me my video was boring! Being creative is vulnerable and can be scary, add an actual filming camera in front of you on top of that and its a bit stressful. 


I have always been a writer and have always loved taking photos but I felt like I was pouring my heart out and not receiving much in return. – These are my selfish reasons and mostly the reasons I’ve chosen to focus on my blog.
YouTube was always a tool for me to tell stories but as it turns out the platform isn’t right for me to grow on so instead I started focusing on telling stories through photographs, whether its a couple of friends laughing, the age and power of a tree or just going out in London and shoot some street photography, the past academic year has been good for me with this because I have had the time to learn and grow. I didn’t feel like people were interested in stories on YouTube unless they were clickbaitable but more people have appreciated my photography than a blog post or video combined so its definitely something I can connect with people through and instagram provides the right platform for me.


In instagram I can make a joke about my face in the caption or I can talk about my mental health and how I am feeling! Either way I am providing imagery that I think my audience might like (I’m getting better at making the right guesses) and being able to be truly honest. The problem with YouTube is that if I am ill for a day that makes for a boring video, which fair enough, people don’t want to watch! In a picture however I can show the struggles a little more, I can explain things a little more and also, to be completely honest if I am feeling really crappy I can post a picture from a while ago and say that its not how I look today! So i suppose what I am getting at is that this moment in time, Instagram provides a better platform for me to be honest on.
I personally think that the community on Instagram is better, it of course depends on where you spend your time but whereas on YouTube where everything and everyone is focussing on those that are most ‘successful’ including the platform itself, Instagram are better at promoting slightly smaller accounts, the community itself is better at drawing together, Bloggers especially are really supportive and if you spend time liking and commenting on someones account they’ll return the favour, in general I just find it a happier place to be.
PLEASE NOTE: I make sure that I am sure to only be following and communicating with people who are positive and tend not to follow accounts that have “luxe” in the title/bio of their accounts, I also don’t follow many people who sit on the beach with their bodies out, there are a few in there but those that just buy likes through constantly showing off boobs butts and abs… not interested.
I am still planning on making videos and because its easiest I’ll probably share it to YouTube but I will no longer be making an effort to grow on that platform, if I post a video its because its to do with or for a blog post, if the story can’t be told through pictures or text, you’ll get it in video form, I won’t however post a video to YouTube just to keep it on there, its not going to help with subscribers or views over there but thats the point, thats not what I am interested in.
As much as it might sound like the opposite, I am not bitter about YouTube and having to leave I am just being realistic, I don’t always communicate best through that process (though I don’t have some cool ideas don’t you worry) so I am moving onto a different platform with new goals and ideas that I am excited about! I hope you will stick around on this weird and wonderful journey!
Remember, Work Hard, Have Fun, Make a Difference!! 


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