My 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up + January Plan With Me!!


So, I know I am a little late to the party with this post but I decided to write and post it anyway because… who doesn’t love a good ol’ Bujo post!? Plus, there may be some people out there who are on the fence or have only just started bullet journalling! I know I started late last year and received my journal way after January had started this year so here we are!

Bullet journalling to me is perfectly described in this image…


At the moment mine is pretty basic and mostly a to-do list / planner but as the months go on and I find my way I’d love to do some super artsy crafty diary entry type pages with polariods and pressed flowers and pretty tape… can you tell I am excited?

For now though, heres what mine looks like!

One of the mistakes I made in my first Bullet Journal was not including ‘collections‘ I just jumped straight into the first month and started planning, then later on, I didn’t know where to put my collections and they ended up in random parts of the journal that I’d have to flick through to find and… it was just a bit of a mess!

If you don’t know what a collection is, its basically a page or two (or how ever many you want) that you’re going to want to refer back to, for example, a reading list for the year, you can make this look as simple or as different as you like (plenty of inspiration on the web) but as you read those books on your list you’re going to want to tick them off right? Which is why it is a collection, its not a planning page it is a page that you’re going to come back to over and over!

Lets get to my bujo!

Entry Page

This is my ‘entry’ page, I was thinking of having a ‘word for 2018’ here but to be honest, I couldn’t think of one (Still trying) so instead I just wrote 2018… I wanted a page that started off the year and signified the new start. Also, if I manage to somehow keep this journal for more than a year, I can then do a ‘2019’ page… 2019 looks weird, I’m not ready for it…


Future Log

This is another thing I didn’t do last year, I didn’t think I’d need a year at a glance or a ‘future log’ as it is originally called, this is basically every single month of the year written out with space to write whats happening that month. At the moment mine is filled with birthdays and a couple of reminders but as the year goes on I’ll be adding to this (I have already added the date of a concert I’m going to in February to this page).


2018 Goals

I am actually quite happy with this page (though it is safe to say that my lettering definitely needs work!) as you can see it lists my goals for 2018, I put them in different categories to help break them down and then every month my ‘Monthly Goals’ include smaller steps to achieve this and beyond that I set 3 goals every week to have even smaller steps. So basically every day I am making progress, which is important when you’re as impatient and… dedicated as I am.



These three collections are going to be some of my favourites I think, the first is a 2018 memories page, I am basically going to write a little note or a sentence next to the date if something important or big were to happen, for example trips, accomplishments, milestones… (I actually need to add the date of when we got our new dog! You’ll be introduced to him soon!) I am looking forward to what this page looks like at the end of the year, how grubby and messy and (hopefully) jam packed of good times it will be!


Bucket List – 2018

Then we have my Bucket List Goals, as you can see I am yet to fill this in, this is bucket goals for this year, not in general, again getting me excited to make, create and in general be alive! Things like ‘Go to Brighton’ will be on here and ‘Live in London’ two things that are already in the works (!!!) but you get the point… this is basically a place for me to add in some things that I’d like to do that aren’t necessarily goals (even with the title) they’re more like cool things that I’d like to have done, personal stuff, fun stuff!


The other page is pretty self explanatory, it is a page dedicated to when I receive compliments, cause sometimes you can feel a little down and out its nice to remember that people do like you and your face, this isn’t just for compliments on body/clothes/makeup but also about personality, I think its really important to focus on that too! – I actually have some little ones in my notes on my phone that I have yet to write down and am excited to add to start it off! – Definitely recommend this, even if its the only collection you do!


Mood / Health Tracker

This is pretty self explanatory, a mood tracker and a health tracker with colours that match how I was feeling on those days, I specifically laid these pages out together so that at the end of the year I could compare them! Many people just set this up as a monthly health/mood tracker, but doing it for the whole year will give me more insight and I’ll be able to compare much easier, I think.

I really like these pages, its fun to fill out and also reminds me that so far in January, I haven’t had a bad day! So that’s fricken awesome!


Brain Dump

Now, if you don’t know what a brain dump is, welcome to a new and improved world, for ages I have worried about making things look nice and whatever but having a place in a  notebook that I can splur my thoughts down onto is a lifesaver, these images were taken a while ago if you can’t already tell, and since then I have turned to these pages in times of need and they have been there for me!

But seriously, its just a place to dump your ideas down onto a page, I find it super helpful, I like the fact that I don’t have to care how it looks and that you can customise it however you like! Sometimes I’ll be mid conversation or out and about and an idea for a blog post, photoshoot, documentary will just hit me in the head so hard that if I don’t write it down I feel like I’ll lose it (which has happened before) now I just whip out my bullet journal and I am good to go!



Netflix Tracker + Things to Watch & Read

I didn’t think I would like these two collections as much as I do, I added them in because I was curious to see if they would be helpful and they definitely have! The Netflix tracker is more fun than practicality admittedly but it has helped me control my screen time a lot more, being a blogger at the moment all that I do involves my phone or my laptop, the last thing I  really need to be using while trying to switch off is another screen, so instead I have been keeping an eye on how much I watch TV, for example, I did a season and a half of friends in like 2.5 days! thats not good! I had it on in the back ground for the most part but its not exactly a book or a podcast! Which is why on the other side of the page is lists of Tv shows, Books and movies I want to read or watch. I’ve basically been giving myself a certain amount of episodes a week and a film a week if I want to.

I am heading off to study film next year so my movie list is growing and growing of things I want to watch before I get there, whether I have seen them already or not, just to get me all inspired and ready and reminded again you know? So, as much as I thought this wouldn’t be helpful, turns out its saving my eyeballs!


Master Shopping List

This page is currently empty, as I just mentioned I’m off to university in September which means a lot more looking after myself and a lot more cooking, at the moment I am trying out recipes that are affordable and ideas for meals and then when I am at uni I can sit down, make a meal plan and then pick off of this ‘master shopping list’ what I will need to buy, for example, spaghetti, will mean that I choose spaghetti (duh) sauce and some veg or whatever I want to add off of the master shopping list. Does that makes sense?

The master shopping list will basically hold all of the ingredients for meals I know how to make and then when I sit down to write my list I just need to look at this master list and I’ll find the ingredients!


Self Care Page

This is another page I am still working on, its pretty self explanatory, its basically a list (though I decided Id do doodles instead of a boring… or simple list) of things to do if  I am feeling down and out or just upset in general, it’ll be filled with my favourite little things to do as well as somethings that can be tough but once I have done them I feel much better!


Habits to Track

Each month I have a habit tracker, it is yet another thing that will help me accomplish my goals for this year, for example if I wanted to “Get closer to God” thats pretty broad, how do I do that? I pray, read the bible, thank him for all the things I have etc. So in my habit tracker I’ll write some of these things. This month I haven’t written all of these things down in my habit tracker so to not overwhelm myself, slowly, I will add more of these habits (I have added to the list since) and by the end of the year it will come natural for me to whip out the bible and read a chapter everyday or eat better (starting with tracking what I am actually eating so I can see where I need to improve) and so on!


Level 10 Life

Finally, onto my last collection the ‘Level 10 Life’ pages. This is something that caught my eye on Pinterest many times before I decided to add it into my journal, I wasn’t sure if it’d be helpful or not but I decided it’d certainly be interesting to try.

Essentially what this is, is some guy who’s name I have completely forgotten decided that there are ten categories to our lives and once we reach a certain level (10) within those categories we are more likely to be a happier human. The categories are;

  1. Family and Friends
  2. Personal Development
  3. Spirituality
  4. Finances
  5. Career
  6. Relationships
  7. Fun / Recreation
  8. Giving / contribution
  9. Physical Environment
  10. Health and Fitness

You are supposed to firstly, assess where you think you are currently within these 10 categories and then set goals within them to try and get to the next level! You can see what my goals were and where I think I am (the reason there is a thick black line on top of each bar is so that when I add to them – or reach the next level – I can see where I thought I was before!

I had to split some of them into two separate categories for example ‘Physical Environment’ – I am pretty happy with my room which is where I spend most of my time now, but I don’t know about my uni dorm, that might need a lot of help to make it feel homey and comfortable. Another one is ‘Career’ In terms of my career outside of the online world… I’m heading to uni I am nowhere near the dream, but in the online world I am creating everyday and constantly improving and growing, so that is a much higher level (especially of satisfaction) than the other.



Now we finally get into my monthly plans! January’s entry/intro page is pretty minimalist and simple, I don’t know if over time this will change or I will keep this style, we shall see, however at the moment its pretty basic as is the layout for the month.


Monthly Spread

I was playing around with a a lot of different monthly spreads in my previous bullet journal, I find this is best, I like to keep the monthly pretty simple in design because as I add more and more to it, it becomes pretty loud and I don’t want to miss anything because I got too distracted. Previously, in far less busier weeks I have used only my monthly to plan out my days, now however I use a weekly, but I still keep it simple to the tasks at hand can actually stand out.


January Goals

As I mentioned before, I set goals each month and each week to help me achieve the big ones for the year, this page has those goals (and a crappy meal tracker that I hate filling out because I made it too small). As you can see, my goals for January are small but important, if I can get these habits down this month and confidently continue them then I’ll have started achieving my Yearly Goals already!


Weekly Spread

This is an example of a classic weekly spread for me, it is pretty basic but filled with trackers and information but theres not much room for creativity – something I wish to improve soon, perhaps include some daily diary entries from trips or exciting days!

My days are set out across the page, I did run out of room for Sunday but when I had 7 days across the top I didn’t like it as much so I changed it back to having Sunday on a line below.

The sleep tracker has been really useful to see how rubbish I am at getting to sleep early (for those of you who don’t know I have fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome which make my sleeping patterns super weird. It takes me a long time to wake up in the day time and because I am so tired all the time, I don’t notice the difference when it gets late so I have to take medication to help me sleep. Though I am in bed by 11-12 most nights, I still won’t sleep until 2-3 which is really frustrating!!) The water tracker shocked me actually. I thought I wasn’t going to use it very much but when I realised how little water I actually drink it has been a new goal of mine to make sure I drink more – mon & tues I had 2 glasses of water 2!! And Wed it was only 1 and a half!!

Beneath this I have my weekly goals, waking up before 10am is signified by a heart, on the days I actually did this, I drew a little heart in the corner of the box of my days, the same goes for if I went on a photo walk and for tidying my room and head – this was when I was trying to figure out what and who I wanted to be online, if I should move to WordPress and also my room was a pit so I did that on Thursday too!

I also have a little ‘Next Week’ section to I don’t forget to do certain things – as you can see I was contemplating starting a Weekly Vlog!


Weekly Spread 2

Finally, we have the last weekly spread that I did when taking these photos (I am unsure of when this post will go up) I changed the lettering to be a little more fancy shmancy and as you can see my goals have been updated and my week is not yet full.

Monday was a day of shooting and writing as was Tuesday (I added so many more things to this day I nearly died) and as you can see I am hoping to host my own blog domain to get my SEO down!

I add in little things as well, for example, I help run my churches social media, so every other week I take photos for the Instagram, this week is a week when I need to do this so it is written in blue – Blue is a task. On Thursday I was doing a shoot with Jasmine (I call her Jasmein) which is an event so it is in green. Anything to do with online e.g. the “Learning to love yourself” blog post is written in pink!


So thats what my Bullet journal set up looks like! Let me know if you would prefer me to do videos on this because it could be significantly easier and a lot less reading for your faces! Bullet Journaling is definitely something that seems overwhelming at first but it was definitely not meant to be that way! The guy that originally started it was all about the minimalistic and more simple approach! I have just chosen to add more colours and different collections to mine. I would highly recommend you trying it out and don’t worry about funded a dotted pages notebook or whatever, you can start with any type of notebook you want, its all about how you want it to look! Im just inspired by colours and colour coordination!


Remember to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference!

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