Interior Details – A Happy Corner

Please be warned, I am by no means any good at interior design or taking photos of interiors but I have been working on the little things in my room and this corner is finally complete, of course, as always with home improvement I don’t think you could ever be finished so naturally there are a couple of things I’d like to change here and there but for the most part its done. -Now that I have your confidence that this post is worth your time… lets dive in!


I have changed up this corner more times then I have had hot dinners it feels like! Starting with the posters, I have hung up, balanced and stuck so many different things to these two sections of wall, but I finally feel like Ive got it down. I wanted to have some from of art up there because it looked quite bare otherwise but anything I put there just always looked too crowded, photo frames were too bulky and picture posters were too loud.

corner of room-3

It just so happened that the “I have No Idea What I’m Doing” poster came inside a magazine, I fell in love with it immediately because its so simple but fun and knew to put it up there. Then I had the problem of what to put opposite it, I didn’t want too much colours, it had to be of a similar size and frames are my least favourite thing (if you’ve ever seen my vlogs you may have noticed that I have a painting – like a proper one done by a student artist of which I have stuck to my wall with blue tack, no frame, no canvas just hung it up – I like things to be flat on the wall so they blend in more and it gives my room a more relaxed boho feeling) Then my wonderful friend (shoutout to Chanelle) got me one of my favourite birthday presents ever! Its a couple lines from a song in LaLaLand – if you didn’t know, I bloody love that film – and it fit perfectly opposite the other poster!

Magazine Holder

My magazine holder was bought from HomeSense but there are some very similar vibes on amazon! My room has a travel theme with colours from the world map appearing in different places to tie it all in together, what better way to enhance a travel theme than to have a magazine holder with stamps, globes and maps all over it!

corner of room-12

When I was planning my colour scheme and decided to stick with the colours of the world map I knew I wanted to introduce those colours to different parts of my room these flowers fitted in well with the world map I have in another part of my room so I just stuffed them into the magazine holder and I think they look pretty cute! I couldn’t find the same exact ones that I bought but these ones are a pretty good copy!

corner of room-21corner of room-22


I have had this pin board for as long as I can remember, its had bits of newspaper in it from when my photo was published and when there was an article about me, its admittedly had a couple famous guys faces pinned to it… timetables and all sorts! Now its pretty minimalistic and a lot calmer, which I like.

corner of room-7

Some of the photos could use a little updating and my Timetable for posting + Synerjes watercolour things were done a while ago and I’d like to replace them with clearer paintings and some water colour art that Ive done and am quite happy with!

Due to the fact that I have the pin board for about 400 years, the exact one isn’t available but at the end of the day, a pin board is a pin board, I’d recommend this one or even this one for something a little different!

corner of room-13corner of room-14corner of room-16corner-of-room-20.jpg


What makes this my favourite corner of my room at the moment, is the little things too. Having little extra things is what makes it super cool for me, I have a battered old film camera in a battered old case, the camera I usually shoot with ready to go at all times so I can literally grab it and run out of the door, the latest blogosphere magazine at hand because I have been reading it in spare time and just pretty little things to keep in the corner that make me happy!

corner of room-11corner of room-9corner of room-10corner of room-8corner of room-33corner of room-17corner of room-32


Part of improving my mental health has been appreciating the little things and treating myself to little things that make me happy! If you treat yourself to something small and fully allow yourself to embrace it, whether its not killing a plant – even if it is a cactus – buying yourself a magazine or keeping old memories on a board. Being grateful for the little things really has helped me with my mental health like nothing else has! So heres so embracing the little things and writing a blog post about a little part of my room filled with gifts from friends and old film cameras… oh, and plants I haven’t killed yet!




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