The Pinterest Goals Trip to Brighton

On what was looking to be a nice day with a couple clouds in the sky, three friends and I took a little road trip to Brighton, its an hour and 45 minute drive in which we sang all of our favourite songs and drank iced coffee to wake us up and make sure we kept going!

 You can follow the trip through my insta stories in the highlights section

Brighton is somewhere I had never been before, I’d always wanted to go and tried to arrange trips with friends which fell through every time so I never managed to get there! This time however, I got my boo on the case Jas P Norris and we made it happen together!

In the mean time I have very recently become obsessed with pinterest… to be totally honest, I don’t know what I even did before the days of pinning everything from a diy in the bedroom to food I wanna try and make! But it has pretty much taken over my life with no complaints from me! So as you can imagine, I have been sucked in to everything home decor and travel photos with panama hat- the lot. So when we went to brighton we were pretty excited to put our new inspiration to the test, could we really do it ourselves? I think the answer is yes…



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