I have been obsessed with this £4 Primark T-Shirt

roydonwjas-10.jpgI haven’t shopped in Primark for a long time now (can you tell this is not #spon?) it used to be my go to place for many things, its cheap, effective and – if you’re into that sort of thing – does very well at keeping up with the trends! The one problem I find with Primark is that some of their items can seem a bit… lets say, tailored for a certain kind of girl (I, obviously have limited experience in the mens section). I have often found myself feeling a bit down in the changing rooms – perhaps because of the amount of mirrors and angles in which I am not used to seeing myself – to be fair, I not only am a bit of a pear shaped girl (i have a fat ass) I also have very broad shoulders for my gender and my swimming history only enhanced this about me… but one thing that Primark has never failed me on, are their t shirts.




I am currently a little obsessed with all things t-shirts, graphic designs, embroided text and pictures, slogans, I am in love with it all, I was in Primark recently just poking around to kill some time when I found the particular t-shirt in question and when I saw it was £4 I was pretty bloody shocked.

Not only is the word “dreamer” right up my alley to be proudly wearing around town, but the entire design is really adorable! I love anything with florals and stripes and although its pretty basic I have been wearing it with everything, tucked into boyfriend jeans, or with some black jeans and a cardi to run some errands… I think this would look really cool tucked into some black smart trousers too!




One thought on “I have been obsessed with this £4 Primark T-Shirt

  1. I actually work in primark and I’ve seen this shirt sooo many times and I always say I have to pick up but never get around to it! They have so many cute shirts and especially for the price they are such a bargain


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