March Goals

Ello there, this is actually the second blog post I am writing in a long time! February was a mess of feeling super ill and being creatively frustrated like I never have before (enter violins) which is why you didn’t hear from me in terms of any goal posts – most of the posts that were published in february were scheduled!

Yet, here we are, I finally feel like I have my mojo back! The two photos of me in this post are my “March Portrait” I’d like to start taking a portrait at the beginning of each month to see how my appearance changes over the year/s! For example now, I have PINK hair!


This month my goals are based around getting my mojo back and more importantly, keeping it!

  1. Work on promo for blog posts – I am really bad at making specific Pinterest posts, Instagram stories etc, its something I definitely need to work on and I have a couple of ideas on how to be creative with it too!
  2. Get outside, see friends, interact with human beings – a huge part of the struggle of me being ill is that I don’t really want to see many people because I look and feel gross and its just not a good time and although I am a huge introvert, I find new experiences, chats with people and also just generally being outside, all inspires me in creating more stuff… its hard to find inspiration when you’re stuck in bed.
  3. To accept that if I do one thing a day, its enough – like I mentioned, i have been pretty ill and gross and now I feel significantly better but it takes me along time to get over something and go back to normal… my normal anyway. A few days ago all I managed to do was shoot one flat lay scene for a video and then I suddenly came down all dizzy and sensitive to light and all sorts, its not pretty and I was teary eyed as I described my frustrations to my mum, she reminded me that I did achieve something, I got dressed, I filmed something and thats ok. Sometimes I’m so busy rejecting the fact that I am ill and… well, disabled, that I get so frustrated when I can’t do much in a day.


What’re your goals for this month? I really think that it helps to have some little goals to set and be able to tick them off!


One thought on “March Goals

  1. Oo I hope you achieve all your goals, I also need to promote my work now, I’ve been doing a lot on twitter but literally nothing else! I definitely still need to work on this. I’m absolutely obsessed with your hair, the colour is amazing


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