Spring Lips!

If you can’t tell… I had a little fun with the cover photo this time…


However, my glitter antics are not the topic of this blog post! I have done a couple fall lipstick collections and a winter lipstick collection so this time I thought I’d let you in on the lipsticks I picked up for the spring time! (If we ever get a haul that is) I used to be absolutely obsessed with all things beauty but kind of fell out of love with it, while I won’t become you’re next beauty guru to follow, I have been enjoying experimenting a little more with colours and combinations recently! I especially love breaking the rules!

  1. Colour Pop Liquid Lipstick – DOPEY


2. Colour Pop Liquid Lipstick – MIDI


As I said I am no makeup expert so buying these products was pretty much purely based on popularity and reviews, I have been looking for some liquid lipsticks that actually work for a really long time. Most of the ones I have tried are either ridiculously dry, don’t last long, or rub off in a weird way leaving me with a really odd line on my bottom lip! I’d heard so much about these liquid lipsticks that I bit the bullet that was the shipping fee and gave them a try, I only bought two in case I didn’t like them but they are exactly what I wanted, they’re not too dry, they stay on brilliantly, no transfer onto cups and mugs (the amount of tea that I drink, this is a big pro) suffice to say I’m pretty happy with them!

3. YOUNIQUE Liquid Lipstick 


I got this around the same time as the previous two to compare and I love it! It’s super soft and actually moisturising for a product that is usually so dry! There is a tiny bit of bleeding but if you don’t put lots of it on in the first place then I find that its not a problem… also the COLOUR! Its like a baby coral pink with GOLD in it!

4. YOUNIQUE Lip Stain


Ive been apprehensive about lip stains in the past, sometimes they don’t last properly like they’re supposed to, sometimes the colour comes out weird but this genuinely works for me! Its also the PERFECT red! Its also what I used on the bottom half of my lip in the crazy Red and Gold glitter photo! Its such an easy go-to because you apply it and you’re literally genuinely good for the day – one tip is to apply this, then the liquid lipstick above it!! It looks REALLY cool and if the liquid lipstick rubs off then you still have this weird red gold combination – its great I promise.


One thought on “Spring Lips!

  1. I have some colour pop liquid lipsticks and I love them but they are a pain in the bum to get them sent over to the uk, so I don’t really use them anymore! But, I do love all these shades you’ve picked, they are super cute x


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