TOP TEN APPS ON MY PHONE – Blogging and Life

If I have learnt one thing about myself these past couple months, its that I bloody love a good app. Shopping, is there an app for that? *downloads stores app* reading the bible, finding inspiration, organising my life, if theres an app for it… i got it.

I honestly don’t know what I did with myself before I had 128GB of storage! How did I cope with so little apps?! I use my phone for way too long every single day for pretty much everything I do, shopping lists, editing photos, you name it! So heres my top 10 fave apps!


Love a grubby phone case 😉

  1. Instagram


this lil app and I have a very serious and very complicated relationship, i absolutely love the community, the inspiration I get and the ability to share thoughts and feeling in such a good and easy way however with the whole algorithm change I have been struggling a bit with the ol’ engagement, it wasn’t until I ignored every piece of advice I ever read and did my own thing that I started seeing more results, if this continues and you’re interested I might make a video or write a blog post about what I did to make a change!

2. Pinterest


I honestly don’t know what I did in my spare time before pinterest, it has become one of my most used and most loved apps on my phone, i use it to source inspiration for photoshoots which I can collect all in one board and send it to the other person so were both on the same page with the vibe we want to go with. I use it to find images that fit in with a new editing style I am trying to achieve at the time so I can get an idea of how different photos and colours should look within this theme. I use it to get inspiration for instagram posts, discover new people, blog posts and product and at the moment it has become a 90’s themed party planner app! Honestly, if you don’t have it, you won’t know how you managed to last without it when you do, I was apprehensive at first because I thought it was a weird little app that wouldn’t actually be that helpful but its really productive too!

Also from a business/blogger POV, your last time on Twitter is an hour – 2 hours per tweet, on instagram its a couple of days, but because of the way Pinterests algorithm works, if you post some of your own work there, it lasts a life time, if your post comes up when someone types in “summer vibes” then it will come up forever more, there is no life limit to how long a Pin can bring you traffic to your website / blog, or drive people to your other social platforms!


3. BlogLovin


It took me a long ass time to properly get into using this app, but now if I want to have a read whilst eating my breakfast or sipping tea, then its to bloglovin I turn, you can also sign up for voluntary emails with updates to your favourite blogs compiled into one big juicy list. I absolutely love keeping up with people this way.

4. Bible App


I have spoken about how much this app has helped me crack down on reading my bible, you can follow devotionals and bible plans and theres also a streak – like snapchat – that keeps us competitive lot coming back for more! I was basically really rubbish at reading my bible for ages and through praying and using this app my ACTUAL bible is now covered in highlighters, notes and preaches, its really cool but this app and its reminders always help me get back into it if i forget!

5. Buffer


This is an app that schedules all sorts of content across a lot of social medias including Twitter and Instagram, I don’t use it for instagram because I’d like zero chance of them shadow banning me… if thats a thing or basically giving the algorithm and the app any reason to hate my guts! However! It is really good for twitter, which is what I use it for! I can share blog posts, make sure the tweet goes out when the blog post does and make sure that it is promoted for the couple days afterwards through scheduled tweets without worrying about forgetting – I am really bad at self promo.



I didn’t really use VSCO for the longest time, I am not completely impressed with their editing capabilities (I mean, come on guys, you only just introduced HSL sliders and thats only for VCSO X) But recently I fell in LOVE with some of their filters and have invested in a couple packs! Its really good at helping you create an Instagram theme and if you do the same sort of things across all images then you’re pretty much good to go I am only just getting into sharing my images to the app itself but there is a really cool lil’ community over there too!

7. Lightroom – Mobile 


As I just mentioned, I am not overly impressed with VSCO’s editing capabilities and since how I’m paying out for adobe lightroom and photoshop on my laptop then why not reap the benefits of the apps too? Its really helpful to be able to head over to Lightroom once I’ve done the majority of editing to change anything (IF it needs changing that is) that VSCO couldn’t do. If you don’t have an Adobe creative cloud though, don’t sweat it, there are some other apps that can help you fix stuff, like snapped, but I don’t think any others have the HSL sliders apart from VSCO, which is why VSCO X is probably helpful to a lot of people!

8. InPreview


While we’re talking themes and instagram, this is a great app for instagram that basically allows you to see what your next photo would look like compared to what your grid looks like at the moment – there is an app thats called ‘preview’ and i think it lets you add more than one and move pictures around with your finger, but I found and downloaded this app first so I ended up with this one but feel free to use that one! In fact, if I didn’t forget every time, I probably would too!


9. Apple Podcast App


This has been my new love since falling in love with podcasts, I have to be in the mood and not working (writing/ editing video, I can edit photos to podcasts) which is rare which is why its so far down on the list, but when I am I can chill and listen all day erry day. Its a cool way to get some jesus in your day, I like Steven Furtick and Todd White, Steve makes me go “YAAAAS” and Todd ALWAYS makes me cry a lil bit! But I also listen to inspiring people and stories and all sorts!

10. 8mm


I debated putting this on this list because its not something I DEFINITELY use daily, but I do bloody love it! Its basically an app that records videos in different types of vintage film vibes you can choose from and saves them directly to your camera roll. It’s like 1-2.99 but in my opinion WORTH it if you want those vibes, I use it for Insta stories mostly but I’d love to make a lil travel film entirely on the iPhone using this app!!





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