A big fat Beauty Haul

As I mentioned in my Spring lips blog post… I am not really a makeup expert, but recently I have been falling in love all over agin with experimenting, injecting some colour and breaking the rules – as I always have!

So recently, I took the plunge and went out to buy some things to help me create some new makeup vibes and have a bit more fun – also a couple of essentials!

  1. Makeup Revolution Eye Palette thing

beaury haul-3beaury haul-4

I really wanted a warm palette cause it contrasts to my blue eyes and looks a bit cool… as soon as I realise what I am doing and how to use more than 1 – 2 colours that is…

2. MUA Makeup Academy Eye Palette 

beaury haul-5beaury haul-8

This has some more interesting colours including a lot of pink and one eye shadow thats literally HOLOGRAPHIC! You put any eye shadow under it and the holographic one on top and boom – epic eye ball covers! (eyelids) Ive been using this everyday, whether its building up an intense really cool look or just using literally a finger and putting one shade on my eyes… its so pretty and pigmented… is that the word that means you get a lot of product out of it…?

3. Colour Pop Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks 

beaury haul-12beaury haul-14

I won’t go into these too much, you can check out my thoughts on them in the Spring lips blog post, but spoilers… I like them!

4. MUA concealer 

beaury haul-10

Not as much of a fan of this as I had hoped… i think in my head i was buying the maxfactor or maybelline version (whichever is the one that everyone loves… or is it rimmel?) but I got this… it dries on your face really quickly, like before blending quickly and I just general don’t really enjoy the consistency to be honest!

5. YOUNIQUE Face Primer 

beaury haul-22

If there is one thing that I recommend you buy its this stuff, you only need a tiny amount to cover your face, it basically fills your pores so your makeup doesn’t make ya face all gunky and it makes your face SO soft! Honestly, rub this stuff in the touch your cheek, you will not be disappointed!

6. Rimmel BB Cream

beaury haul-27

I have many days where I don’t really want to be covered in makeup but I still want to look human you know? Like, not too jazzed up but not like I a zombie who has been hit on the head three times, got knocked out and managed to wake up and look worse… My only problem with this is… like many people my age, I have been through the faze of making my own makeup (a very big youtube trend from back in the day) and making your own foundation often meant either putting face powder or, you guessed it, FOUNDATION in a tin and mixing it with moisturiser, this product feels a little bit like that, I am partially convinced I got a bad tube, it was the last one there and didn’t look too hot but it does the trick and is genuinely moisturising enough that I don’t feel the need to use any product on ma face before hand!

7. YOUNIQUE Blusher

beaury haul-24beaury haul-25

I have been looking for the perfect blush for the longest time, the one I used to use had some gold flecks in it which is super pretty but not great for an every day look or if you want to add some of your own highlight! This blush has some sort of natural minerals in it! Apparently you can put this anywhere on your face and even in your hair for like a one off festival type look… I have pink hair at the moment anyway so I haven’t tried but it is DEFINITELY pigmented (that word again) and you genuinely don’t need a lot on your brush, when I first used this I put WAY too much on and sat blending for another 5 minutes, I actually went out and bought a different, lighter brush to use for application so that i didn’t waste any product and could still be my clumsy self in the morning!

8. YOUNIQUE Mascara 

beaury haul-32

The brush is nice and chunky but made of natural fibres, I often take off A LOT of product before using this by wiping it on the edge of the tube/bottle – whatever you call mascara tubes… Anyways! For a long time I have been looking for something that builds volume AND length so I didnt need to have two mascaras all the time, this does just that, I apply around 2 coats from the bottom of my lashes up to build volume and then lightly touch the tops of my lashes with the wand to add some length… or height as I like to call it.


this is a cropped photo, but look how long my lashes are! I have naturally long lashes – they’re just blonde like my hair used to be so its hard to tell. But no ones lashes are this long naturally… unless you’re a boy which still doesn’t make sense to me but the point is… it does a really good job! 😀



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