If you follow me on Instagram or have read my recent Blog posts, you might know that I went PINK! Although the actual process of ‘going pink’ is pretty simple, the thought process behind this ‘bold hair colour’ is much deeper then “screw it!” so I thought I’d share with you what possessed me to stick out like a sore thumb (quite literally) in any and all social situations and locations!

womens day init-26

‘Going pink’ is something I have wanted to do for a while now, like… a few years but I was always put off by the fear of it not suiting me, not being able to hide behind my ‘normal’ coloured hair, people telling me it wouldn’t work and others asking WHY (to which my response it why tf not… if you’re gonna dye your hair blonde whats so different about pink, people who think “natural is best” confuse me… especially when they’re talking about other peoples heads! …anyway) and a whole bunch of other stupid reasons that would build up around the time I would be seriously contemplating it and I’d chicken out.

This year I did something different for the start of the year, I’d seen ’em going around on Pinterest and Twitter and they looked great in bullet journals… Words of The Year. My Word of The Year is Bravery this year. For a long time now I have been scared of a lot of stupid things and this year is about starting to break down those fears. I have found it genuinely helpful to have a reminder in really random situations (like changing my hair colour to something a bit different) that I want to have this characteristic a stronger player in my personality.


i feel like a fairy and i match the flowers… its a good time

Changing up my hair colour wasn’t something I had planned at the beginning of the year, I had planned focussing on music a bit more and not being so afraid to let people hear me sing, vlogging more in public, taking and doing the photo series’ I have wanted to for months and wearing things that I fricken want to without worrying about whats ‘flattering’ or suits my ‘body size’ but having pink hair? Not on the list.

I did it to sort of kick start the whole bravery process for real, its not permanent at the moment (though i love it so much i have considered getting it done professionally) but its sort of forcing me to be confident, you wouldn’t believe the amount of weird looks you get from people (today, one old lady looked genuinely offended by my hair colour choices) suffice to say, its much harder to hide in plain sight!

I basically knew that I’d need to do something big but not drastic to get me on those ‘brave’ vibes, does that make sense? I am the sort of person that has to lay in bed before they get up and thinks to herself “imma stretch and then get up, have a wee, make food, etc etc etc” and as soon as I stretch I can get up and about because I did that little thing to start the process first… this is like that!

womens day init-14.jpg

In case you’re interested I am using this Schwarzkopf ‘LIVE Colour – Ultra Brights or Pastel’ Semi Permanent dye. The shade I used is 093 ‘Shocking Pink’ its really nice, doesn’t fry you hair, comes with conditioner, colour is very prominent and I personally find it really cool and fun to play with especially as the colour changes depending on how much sun light has hit it and how long you’ve had it in. My favourite look is about 2 washes in when its faded slightly and blends in a lot better with the rest of my head!

Is there something you want to do but have been holding back on? I want to encourage you to just fricken go for it! Whether its dyeing your hair, changing up your style or anything! Don’t fear change, especially if it could lead to bigger things in huge or tiny ways!! ❤




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