An Open Letter To… You!

Dear you,

Yes you, reading this right now, maybe you’re on your laptop, cup of tea in hand having a browse, maybe you’re on your tablet in your pjs having a slow morning, or maybe you’re on your phone in a coffee shop or on your way somewhere and having a quick read on the bus, train… boat!?

I speak to you a minimum of two times a week on here, one on a Tuesday, one on a Sunday, and sometimes (hopefully more regularly) through a YouTube video on a Wednesday!

I tweet at you and try and make photos you might like on instagram every single day, in which I try and talk to you, my friend reading this from all over the world. But I haven’t dedicated an entire blog post to you.

Theres a couple things I want to say to you and I don’t want you to dismiss them as me just being nice or whatever, if I was just trying to be nice to get you to like me, you wouldn’t have your own blog post now would you!? 😀

I firstly want to say thank you, you choose to check in with my face, see what I am writing about or filming or taking photos of and that means more than you know, I know that your time is valuable and I am thankful that you simply give me a couple minutes of your day! – Really, genuinely, thank you!

I also just want to remind you how awesome you are, you’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re strong and you’re a fricken awesome dude! If you don’t think you’re SUPER COOL, then look in the mirror, get right up close and personal with yourself and then look at your eyeball, you see that? You see how you have two little earths floating in your face? You see all those colours? You see how different it is to your friends? Thats pretty cool and if you ask me, you’re pretty connected to your eyeball, so by default, you’re just as cool as your eyeball!

Another thing, I want to encourage you, did you know that you can achieve anything you want to? Look at Steven Hawkin, he recently, very sadly passed away but what an example he set! He was told at about 20 years old that he had 2 years to live yet he continued to inspire SO many of us right into his 70’s!! Let that be an example to you that if you are strong, if you fight for it, you can do whatever you want, no dream is unachievable!

Thanks for being an awesome human and listening and reading what I have to say, I love ya face!




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