April Goals

I know pretty much every blogger AND their nan is saying this… but is me or is this year literally FLYING by!? We are ALREADY in the fourth month of the year… usually I don’t like it when time seems to be flying by so fast you can’t seem to get a grip on it but with the weather being as crappy as it has been I am very much welcoming the promise of bluer skies and lighter mornings!

Once again we find ourselves at the beginning of the month preparing to set our goals, so grab a notebook and pen and get writing.

First order of business is the April Portrait, if you saw last months goal setting post then you’ll know that I have decided to take a self portrait every month to see how I change over the months and years!


A little recap on last months post, one of the goals for the month was to work on making more promo stuff for my posts, whether it be youtube or blog and it totally worked… like twice.

I spent the most part of March feeling really poopy and making sure things were ready to post but not really doing much for sharing them – which is really bad. So this month that is on my goal list again!

As for goals that are specifically for this month…

  1. Get outside … even if its raining – I have a terrible habit of NOT going outside when I am knee deep in a project, I forget to eat, wee, sleep and fresh air is something I am lacking constantly! On top of that, when its raining I hate going outside, i used to love it, but since I got ill it just turns me into a giant snot ball so I avoid it which really isn’t good for me mentally OR physically!
  2. Get to the Filming stage of Project ‘X’ – I have been working on a big project for my YouTube channel but it involves a lot of planning and research to make sure I am giving the most value! By the end of this month I’d like to be at the filming stage of this project!! (also this is the link to my youtube channel, you might want to subscribe cause the project is based around helping YOU)
  3. Monthly Vlog! – I have wanted to start one of these FOREVER but kept putting it off because I was too scared … to be honest I don’t know why. I started doing one but it turned into a weekly vlog which I didn’t even upload… then I DID upload a weekly blog but I feel like I am craving a project that requires some more thoughtful stuff in it and a bigger editing project – also… I really enjoy editing vlogs and reflecting on myself like the pretentious arse that I am so I feel like this might quench that thirst!


I hope you had a lovely March and I wish you a wonderful april (with some more sun in it, hopefully) let me know what your goals are this month too! Lets kick their butt together.


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