Can You Grow as a Newbie or is it REALLY just TOO crowded?

I have officially been a rubbish blogger recently. Between changing my room into my Pinterest / Blogger DREAMS (photo tour to come soon) and trying to prefilm as many videos as possible for May so that I can work on my ‘secret project’ my attention has simply been elsewhere… I wish that were the case, I WISH they were the only problems!


The Blogging world, for so long has consisted of “hi my name is jess and i like this lipstick” type of content or, “hi my name is jess and i travel across the world for a living” well guess what, I don’t like makeup THAT much and I’m not loaded, creating purely travel blogging content for me right now is not an option!

However, recently there has been a shift, more posts look like articles, thought pieces and opinionated posts about all kinds of topics – not just a lipstick. Of course, I am NOT dissing my beauty blogger women out there who are killing it, i LOVE reading that stuff but making it is a different story!

When I FIRST started blogging… I’m talking in like 2012, when blogging wasn’t cool and no one was doing it, I started writing short stories and posts about current events, things that mattered to me.

If i were to read them back now, what would’ve been an articulate article for me back then is VERY different to what it would be now, also I have grown up, I care about different … and more important issues!


Somewhere along the way however I got lost, I made content I thought would do well because everyone else was doing it and I’d get butterflies whenever I wrote a post i genuinely cared about! I became a sheep among sheep and I didn’t like it, then Blogmas came around and I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a post EVERYDAY but soon, I ran out of ideas and defaulted back onto “winter lipstick” – again, I LOVE deep reds in winter, nothing I have ever said has been a lie, I have simply avoided writing about the things that MATTER to me, sometimes what matters ARE the lipsticks I’ll be wearing because in that moment I enjoy it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I thought I had solved this problem, I really hadn’t, I was still trying to “fit in” but then something changed, I changed the people I follow online, I followed a wider range of people of different colours, shapes sizes, all sorts! I expanded my homepage on instagram and twitter and followed people that aren’t bloggers too, I learnt about the industry properly and I think its safe to say there is going to be change!


Due to the fact that for SO LONG writing about lipstick has been done over and OVER, now people are looking for diversity, opinions and not just on beauty, like me when I followed a whole new range of bloggers, I don’t think I am the only one thats doing this!

So from now on I make a promise to you, I will write what feels right, I will post when I can and not just try and fill my upload days with things i don’t really care about and probably neither do you, not really! For so long i have feared the date of posting day, either I was posting something I didn’t LOVE and therefore wasn’t as PROUD of it, OR I wasn’t posting at all – which is better, but still gave me anxiety about falling away, people not caring. At the end of the day, there are a LOT more important things in life then whether Synerjes his gonna hit Publish!

So now when people ask me how the blogging is going, I say I am working on it and when I get questions asking if you can really grow as a newbie blogger I say yes, but it will take a shit tonne of time and effort and you have to be YOU!

Do you know the REAL reason i am not reaching many people at the moment? I have not been PASSIONATE about what I am sharing and therefore I haven’t promoted it on my social media accounts!


So as annoying and cliche as it sounds, if you’re going to start this with the intention of some form of success whether that be making money or reaching people in different areas, what EVER your end goal is, you HAVE to be PASSIONATE and I mean stay up till 3am to get a post out passionate because if not… it will fade and die, you want WANT to spread your message because your message will not have been yours but everyone else’s!!!



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