A Spring Bucket List

We LOVE a list in this household! Making Seasonal Bucket Lists is something I got into last Christmas! I have recently been feeling pretty deflated and uninspired and the best cure for this for me has always been adventure! Even if said adventure is seemingly small and silly, getting out of the house, setting intentions for something and then actually doing it is a really good way to get yourself out of a slump. Especially if each item/activity on your list has a greater purpose, for example you might want to find more excuses to get outside and feel a little more free from your routine and give your mental health a good kick… so maybe one of the things you want to do on your bucket list is go for a walk with the dog more!

I am fully aware of the fact that spring is almost up! In fact, summer technically starts the day before my birthday which makes me happy! But as we are being intentional with our time and bucket list items why not make the most out of the last month of spring!



Synerjes Beach


My Spring Bucket List:

  1. Go for a NATURE walk – there are some locations near me that will make for a great nature walk, I’m not talking just a walk in the park – though I’ll be doing that too – but somewhere where I can immerse myself in God’s creation!
  2. Read in the sun with a picnic!
  3. Make a Spring themed water colour painting – this one could be interesting considering I am not the most talented watercolour painterer 😀
  4. Bible study and yoga in the park – I’m super excited to combine these two things and have a peaceful picnic (pt2) in the Great Outdoors!
  5. Do a photoshoot with a bouquet of flowers!


YARMOUTH D2 (16 of 44)YARMOUTH D2 (9 of 44)


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