June Goals

HOW is it already June!!? We’re already six months into the year! I turn 20 years old this month! It’s crazy to think that it was six months ago that I was setting goals and intentions for the year ahead! Anyone else panicking that they haven’t done all that they had hoped by now? I know I feel that way, but that happens pretty much every year… we get to June and suddenly realise that we’ve done NOTHING! Yet here we are, It’s that time again the beginning of the month – sort of, I’m fully aware this is late! So in spirit of kicking ourselves up the butts and getting on with our goals, these are my goals for June 2018!

  1. Get outside 1x a day – I feel like I’ve been stuck in door and have missed out on half of the summer this year… probably because I have and it’s true!! I’ve spend a lot of time unwell and bed bound over the past few months but I HAVE learnt to do what I can when I can, so I’m going to make it my mission to try and get outside every single day, even if it’s just sitting in the garden!
  2. Do a Brighton / London adventure! – Me and my frand really love exploring, one of the places we regularly go to is London, in January this year we visited Brighton for a day but … since how it was January it wasn’t the best time to get the most out of it! So instead we’re going to go again! Hopefully this month!!
  3. Finish a whole book in the bible – I’m really good at reading the bible but I’m often dotted all over the place. Reading the bible is personal to you and how you personally take things in! The way I do it at the moment is completely fine and suits me well but I’d love to have to obedience and determination to stick with one book till the end… probably not a super long one! But practicing obedience, patience and perseverance  is never not good!
  4. Water colour again! – I absolutely love watercoloring, drawing, designing literally anything creative that doesn’t involve math, Im there! Watercoloring gives me a lot of joy and I find it very therapeutic too! So I’d like to take some time out of my days this month to just be free and create for myself, not for a blog or a video for other people to see, not for a portfolio or a business, just for me!
  5. Go on a Photo Adventure – recently me and my dad hopped in the car and visited a nearby village, we weren’t there long but we got some beautiful photos and discovered a new place that we liked! It was nice to just get out and go somewhere and experience something new, even if it was as simple as the look of a classic beautiful english village! Windy roads and all! I’d really like to do a couple more of these adventures this month!
  6. Get back into writing this blog again – I feel like this is often a common thing I write in my monthly goals but hey – at least I am being honest and aware of the fact that I can sometimes be a bit crappy with my uploads! I find that I get creative spurts and when I am experiencing a drout its SO hard to be motivated to write again! But here we are, starting with and easy one and looking forward to sharing summer adventures!
  7. Film some videos! – Just like I have been quiet on here… I have been pretty SILENT on the youtube channel! But after a LOT of experimenting and thinking I have figured out what I want to do and tried to make it something I never really wanted it to be, I have figured out how to tell my stories in a captivating way that… lets be honest, is still going to get the views!! I am really excited to finally have figured out what I think my voice is and to experiment and put it to the test!!
  8. Clear out my Room – kinda ending on a boring one but recently, I had to housesit for someone and i was completely struck by the amount of crap that I had taken their and she had left behind! She had packed all of her essentials, left make up, perfumes, toiletries, clothes! And because I wasn’t just staying there but I was moving in for 10 days I also took a bunch of stuff that I thought I’d need but totally didn’t need!! I realised how much crap we own as human beings that we don’t actually need but we buy because we think it’ll make our life better! The amount of Ted Baker toiletries that were left behind because they were not the right side was crazy! Of course, if things bring you joy or you use them often enough then by all means keep them! But I want to really knuckle down and get rid of anything unnecessary. I have also had the bonus of having to stay at that house for 10 days and realising what I actually took, what I left behind and what I actually used / genuinely needed or wanted out of what I did take! I might document the process! Who knows!

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