Luscious Locks with Forest and Shore! How I healed my damaged hair…

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I have changed, cut and coloured my hair more often then I can genuinely remember! In fact, I recently dyed my hair back to its natural colour – brown because I realised that it had had some from of colour in it for over four years! Suffice to say it was needing some TLC, so I figured that dyeing it back and leaving it alone for a little while would help it in recovery… and it did, but I have been searching for the perfect hair treatment product to help it stay healthy and happy whilst not harming the environment!!

forest and shore (23 of 30).jpg

This is where Forest and Shore comes in! I was so happy to work with Forest and Shore because they are all about being kind to the environment!

100% Organic and Natural Hallelujah Hair Oil; A synergistic blend of coconut, sesame, olive, sunflower, and arnica, scented with rosemary and lavender. This formula is the perfect solution for anyone with dry, damaged hair.

This Hallelujah Hair Oil is 100% natural, Organic and hand made in the UK! my hair really needed some love after being through so much and as you can see from these pictures it is happy, healthy and shiny!

forest and shore (27 of 30).jpg

If you know me, you know we’re all about the honesty in this space! I have always been skeptical as to whether these products work, can you really tell? Is it really worth it? I think we have all thought those things when buying something like a hair treatment or face mask! While using this product I have genuinely seen a difference, not only in its thickness but in shine too!
Forest and Shore understand that the best way to help your hair isn’t with more chemicals, its with raw, natural ingredients!

forest and shore (17 of 30).jpg

Hallelujah Hair Oil is a perfect, gentle and effective alternative for those who have sensitive skin. ​With no allergens, Hallelujah Hair Oil is non-toxic and chemical free. Containing only rich natural ingredients your hair will be given the highest quality minerals to fully repair and hydrate.
If that doesn’t tell you how good it is, I don’t know what will, what I can say is that I completely vouch for this and can say that I have certainly reaped the benefits of this product and will share with family and friends who need some lovin’ on their locks!
Forest and Shore sell on Amazon and have a super cool instagram, go check them out and tell them your friend Jess said “HI!”

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