You may or may not know that I am heading to university in September! I am going to be studying film in London! Since I found out I was going I have wanted to create a helpful series online because I realised that although you might have a general idea of what it is like to go to university, I don’t think anyone really explains it fully and for anxious folk like me, it can be difficult to look forward to going when you’re so worried about the “what ifs” so just like my Vlogumentary is a completely honest journey through life with me, I thought I’d create a series concentrating purely on the university experience! This will hopefully enlighten some people on what uni might be like and help you too!!

What better way to kick this whole series off than with a good old fashioned haul!! Let me know if i mentioned anything that wasn’t on your checklist, or if you think i have missed something!!

Heres an A4 checklist that you can download and check off as and when you need to! This is everything I am taking with me to uni – yes its a lot – so you can choose what to bring too! send me pictures of you using them 😀

UNI CHECKLISTuniversity haul pt 2

I hope you enjoyed the video and get some use out of the checklists! 


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