Your bra can make you feel sick… so can tight clothes!


Have you ever felt yourself get progressively sick throughout the day for absolutely NO reason but then got home, changed into your comfy pjs, taken off your bra and felt instantly much better? There’s a reason for that!

This is something I NEVER thought I’d be writing about but having scoured the internet In hopes for answers to my problems and finding little on the subject I thought I’d try and increase the chances of somebody finding the answers to their own problems by writing about it myself!

For the longest time now, I have struggled with feeling nauseous and sometimes even thinking I was going to throw up! I’ve tried everything to changing my diet, eating more or less and even going on the pill. Then one day I realised that if i just undid the button on my jeans or took off my bra and put something else on, I felt MUCH better. It wasn’t until recently that I realised just how sensitive my body is to tightness around my middle.

In the pictures above I am wearing a playsuit, it’s from primark and I actually bought it in a size too big because I wanted it to be nice and flowy. In these pictures, you can’t tell too well but there is a very thin piece of elastic that goes around the waist line. The elastic sort of gives me some overall shape and helps it look … cool?

On the way to Harry Potter World (where these pictures were taken) I sat in the car and felt worse and worse until we stopped at a McDonald’s for food and a wee and I ran into the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up!

When I realised I wasn’t going to, I needed a wee, as you all know, one of the huge perks of wearing an all in one piece is that when you pee, you get to strip down butt naked – it’s a fun time. It wasn’t until I was awkwardly sat on that toilet seat in McDonald’s that I realised I felt much better! ‘Maybe I just needed to get out of the car’ I thought. But as soon as I stood up (got dressed) and sat outside waiting for my mum I could feel myself feeling Nauseous again! It was only THEN that I pulled at the very tiny, not-very-tight-at-all elastic and realised that, THATS what’s causing all my problems!!

It’d be wise to point out that I have something called fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which, in this instance can make my skin VERY sensitive to … pretty much anything!! So for me, it was that tiny bit of elastic that caused the nausea but someone else might experience this sickness with skinny jeans for example.

I soon realised that I experienced the same sort of nausea and sickness whenever I wore a tight bra. So I did some digging…

At first the internet told me I had stomach cancer – of course – then it said I had inflammatory stomach then it showed me some weird stuff about loosing weight…

– NOTE: this has NOTHING to do with anyone’s weight, you can suffer from this whether you’re absolutely tiny or really big! It’s NOT about loosing weight!

Then I found this thread where other women were talking about having the SAME problem, some of them had fibromyalgia and some of them didn’t and I realised just how common this is! First of all, sizing is bullshit, ESPECIALLY in places like primark where I buy my undergarments because I can’t bring myself to spend £50 on a bra (even thought I probably should) so it’s not really about your ‘size’ or buying something that’s too big for you, it’s about the pressure that’s put on certain parts of your body and whether your body is sensitive to that or not.

Like I said, I have a condition that makes it worse for me but someone else might only feel it in certain areas or after a certain amount of time.

So How can You Fix it?

Well, aside from burning your bras forever (which I must admit is very bloody tempting to me right now) I would suggest trying out the following:

  • Invest in some sports bras – sports bras are good because they distribute the pressure a lot more evenly, although they hold you in a bit more for safety, it’s not all pushing on your rib cage which can cause reflux and all sorts. Instead, it provides support in all areas and to be honest they can be much more comfortable and cute.
  • Don’t be afraid to go bra free – I have just turned 20 but I’ve been on the heavier side in bra sizes for a few years yet I still would insist on wearing something to keep the ol girlies in place at all times. Back in the day I wouldn’t even take my bra off to go to bed, I’d keep it on and change the next morning. Then I discovered brallettes and sports bras then I started wearing tiny crop tops underneath my pjs, now I pretty much go bra free. Some of you might be thinking “well DUH” but I know for a FACT that some young women and girls feel the need to wear SOMETHING to support their cleavage at all times. So this one is for you, let loose and become comfortable with yourself!!
  • Get measured – now I know that I said sizes are bullshit but do you know what isn’t? Someone standing there with a tape measure and then going finding the exact right size for you! High street shops have to cater for ALL shapes and sizes but often don’t and they get it wrong… SO wrong. I am yet to embark on this weird and wonderful journey of standing with my bits out, let me tell you, just a year ago this was my WORST nightmare but if 5 minutes of slight awkwardness is going to help with years of nausea, count me IN!
  • Consider your wardrobe – for those of you who are extra sensitive and find it’s not just bras that make you feel sick but any tightness around your middle this one is for you, maybe you have fibromyalgia too, maybe your body is just a bit more sensitive, whichever is perfectly ok! For me, I used to be able to wear all the skinny jeans and skirts in the world …



Just looking at some of these clothes makes me feel uncomfortable!! Especially the tight skirt in the very last picture, oh how I loved it so!

Your wardrobe doesn’t need to suffer, you don’t need to wear things that make you look like a sack of potatoes, my favourites are the following….

  1. mom/boyfriend jeans – super comfy, tend to not cling to your skin so much!
  2. Big tshirts – you can either tuck them in or tie them up around your waist, that way you’re in control of how tight it is and how much room you give yourself
  3. Crop tops – especially tshirt style ones! These literally just hang off of your shoulders and are great for lazy days too!
  4. Tshirt dresses – a TRUE favourite of mine. Total freedom!
  5. On a similar wavelength, also Maxi Dresses! – Super easy way to look put together, look and feel like you tried but all you did was throw on a dress!!
  6. Hippie/Genie trousers as I like to call them – you know the ones, often have a cute print, quite spacious and elasticated!Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
  7. Anything-but-tight-shorts – these are my absolute FAVOURITE short I have ever owned! they also tie up so I get to choose how tight I want them!
  8. Srappy vests – another classic from primark, they are super loose, hang off of your shoulders and look great in all situations!Hopefully this helped you if you’re experiencing a similar problem with tightness, nausea and sickness, I’m off to buy some cute lookin’ sports bras and more baggy shorts! Pretty much all these images were taking from my instagram so if your liked any of them feel free to check it out!



Stretch Marks

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I am done hating my body, i am done hating its marks and scars and i am definitely done hiding because of what other people might think.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Recently i saw a little hashtag circulating the Twittersphere, the hashtag was #ScarredAndSexy and anyone who posted to it were posting words of encouragement, pictures of acne scars and talking about how they were so nervous taking and posting the photos because its such a huge insecurity. There were pictures of self harm scars with discussions about how they were either in the process of overcoming this bad head space or how they were well on their way to recovery and the scars, though represent a dark past, are a part of who that person is today. I admired the bravery of these people so much and the sheer honesty and fearlessness that it takes to do something like that, even if just in that moment they felt empowered and have since thought about deleting their posts once or twice only to find absolute love and support from everyone who was tweeting them back or commenting on their posts! It got me thinking, bravery is my “word of the year” which I might get into in another post if you’re interested but I also value honesty and fearlessness so much… which lead me to think to myself “why am I so afraid of a couple marks on my body?” they happen to most of the human population, you can be the fittest or thinest person alive and still end up with stretch marks, its a natural thing that can happen for a lot of different reasons. So why am I so sad about these marks on my body?

Thats when I realised, for me, my deep dislike for stretch marks isn’t the stretch marks themselves or where they appear its what they represent. For the two of you that don’t know, I suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. The simplest way i could possibly explain what that is to you without going off on one is that CFS is a lot of tiredness and a bit of pain, whereas Fibro is a lot of pain and a bit of tiredness, now of course there is a lot more that goes into then that but I’m trying to keep this short! My point is, however, is that exercising and keeping fit – sometimes even brushing my teeth or having a bath – is the hardest thing for me to do! Due to the fact that I am already in a lot of pain, throw in a workout and thats magnified to an unbearable amount even with the drugs I take to try and help, on top of that, any form of exercise or exertion in general totally wipes me out, I am already running on the same amount of energy as if I’d gone to sleep at 4 and woken up at 7 and i have been for the past 7 years… as you can imagine, exercise on top of that puts me in bed for 3 weeks. Sometimes I can go to the gym twice a week for 2 – 3 weeks but it catches up with me eventually. No matter what I do, I pay the price. 

So when I say the problem i have with stretch marks isn’t the stretch marks themselves but what it represents, what I mean is, my body is telling me that I need to move more, stretch marks is often caused my sudden weight gain but mostly by the blood in your body having crappy circulation, when you move, so does your blood and its a lot easier and the circulation is better but if you’re stuck in bed or in a chair (hello) for the majority of your time, your blood isn’t able to move around which creates clots and there you have it… stretch marks… because I am ill, my inability to exercise isn’t something I can control and I am a bit of a control freak so seeing my body say “hey do this more or this is gonna get worse” and being able to do nothing about it seriously gets me down. Also, with CFS and Fibro being pain and fatigue related, I am not used to seeing physical signs on my actual body of this illness, so its a whole new ball game. Having to be helped to sit up by my mum? Normal. Having to lay down after a 5 minute walk with the dog? Normal. Feeling so dizzy I have to sit on the floor no matter where I am in the world? Normal. Seeing something changing on my body because of something I can’t control and feeling embarrassed and ashamed about it? Thats new to me!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

A good friends support is always welcome.

This feeling is only multiplied by 14,789 times when I step into the real world whether thats online or literally walking around outside. See, society and anyone who wants to sell us anything will use our insecurities and things we want to change about ourselves whether that be stretch marks, making more money, spots, raging skin, whatever! They use these things to sell us things that are going to “fix” it. I looked at my stretch marks and not only saw a health problem that I could do without having a physical reminder of every day but now I also see something thats undesirable, no one is going to want to be with you if you have stretch marks… What if I started going out with someone and he wanted to go to a pool or it was so hot in the summer if I didn’t wear shorts I’d die, what will he think? Would he leave me for someone better? It would be inappropriate for you to wear a dress or shorts because then they might see them on your leg and that would be humiliating! So I stuck to maxi dresses and long skirts last summer that made me all too hot. The sexualisation of women comes into play here a little too… now before you click off because you think I am a raging feminazi, let me give you an example. If a young woman – or women in general to be honest – is wearing shorts, you don’t think much of it, but if that woman has a… bigger butt suddenly its a problem, suddenly its inappropriate! So, because stretch marks are usually hidden away and the world seems to think that men don’t get them too (which is ridiculous and causes even more problems for the men that do) it becomes something that women should hide because they’re showing too much skin if their stretch marks are on show! How dumb is that?

To those things I now say this, if someone were attracted to me, found out I had stretch marks and that became a problem for them, I’d walk right out the door and never look back because who needs that sort of person in their life? No one. That is of course assuming that I came across someone like that and my fear came to life… If anyone finds it inappropriate for me to be fully dressed in shorts and a t-shirt on a hot summers day but to be able to see my stretch marks to them I say “screw you mate” and if someone were to find it inappropriate for them to even be on show, they’d get a pretty similar response!

I am so tired of getting excited for summer (which is my favourite time of year and like most, helps me with my mental health in ways you could never imagine) only to start trying to pair outfits together or get dressed in the morning to end up having a little (a big) cry on my bed with clothes all around me and go out the door in jeans because i am too ashamed.

I am tired of shying away from beaches and pools because I don’t think I look good enough to be wearing the right attire. No word of a lie, at the age of 13 the age when I didn’t even have any stretch marks, I was just insecure about myself like you wouldn’t believe, my family and i took a trip to a beach with an adventure park right next to it filled with roller coasters and lots of candy floss, I wore dark denim full length jeans because they were slimming, a long sleeve t-shirt underneath that turned out to be a little too tight but with no time to change instead of just wearing the top that felt a little tight i threw on a cardigan (sweater) on top of that because I DIDNT WANT ANYONE TO THINK I WAS FAT.

I didn’t go on a trip to fricken Italy  with a best friend which would have brought us so close together and let her go with someone else because I knew she would want to be at the beach and by the pool for the whole time.

I am 19 years old, I might be ill, but I eat well, I look after myself, I am kind and I try to be a nice person and thats what matters, looking after yourself and the people around you.

This winter, after spending countless years telling everyone and myself that I didn’t like the beach, all i want to do is play in the sand and listen to the sea crash against the rocks. It is a lot easier for me, in this moment to say “yeah I wanna go to the beach and wear a bikini and not give a shit” but when it comes to actually doing it in the summer, i can only hope that this new found appreciation for myself and my body and the God that made me will be strong enough to make me as fearless as the people posting photos with the hashtag ‘Scarred and Sexy’



Snapshots from Rainy London


Last minute London trips are my favourite thing, I live super close to the city so it’d be like… a crime not to take advantage of that! However, sometimes these trips are so last minute that no one checks the weather! Usually we get pretty lucky but we do live in England after all… we were  bound to get caught in the rain at some point!

My friend Jas and I braved the rain (so did our poor cameras) and went on a mini shooting adventure, later on in the day however, the rain went from heavy to a torrential storm (slight exaggeration) and we headed home for fluffy socks and hot cups of tea. Here are the photos we did manage to get whilst we were there though!




















Hope you enjoyed these little snapshots from our day in London, I was feeling pretty rough that day which added to the adventure being cut short but we got some pretty photos out of it, Jas had an interview while I warmed up and got some caffeine in me to keep me going until I got home and passed out!

Remember, Word Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference!

2017 Photo Round Up

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My photography, blog focus and general ideas about want I want to talk about changed a lot in 2017 but I am most proud of realising and finding my own photography style, so here is a round up of the best photos I took and some favourite memories of 2017!!!


Clacton w the Fam











Walks in the Park














Attempting ‘Lifestyle’ Shots…







Forest Visits















Spontaneous and full blown photoshoots with Friends…






























London Visits


























Last photoshoot of the YEAR! 










As you can probably see, not only has my style of actual photo taking and storytelling within photos changed, but so has my editing style and I finally have the editing style that with a few inevitable tweaks along the way I think I’ll be sticking to for a while now. I am super excited for the new year and its opportunities and experienced, especially for the blog and my photography and video making!!
The past year has truly been filled with ups and downs, I have come out stronger in many ways and honestly still weak about some things. Looking back at these photos makes me smile, let me know if you had a favourite or if you totally hate the new editing style!
Remember to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference! Love ya millions!

Summer Photo Round Up

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Summer is probably my second favourite time of year (after autumn of course) so when I saw that a few of the Bloggers I follow had done a summer photo round up I was, of course, very happy to jump on that bandwagon and attempt my own.

This summer was quite significant for me, transitional and impactful, I realised a lot about what I wanted to do and was challenged on some things that I had/hadn’t been doing. It was also my first summer that I can fully remember without a very special friend, some of you may not know that one of my dogs passed away right at the beginning and while I won’t go into it – he was an important little guy in my life.

So heres a round up of some of my favourite moments and the things I did, a final farewell.

My Birthday

The photos aren’t greatly detailed – everyone was enjoying themselves, including me which meant i didn’t feel like photographing the experience so much… which is when you KNOW you’ve had a good time! So here is the link to the VLOG



Lot’s and Lot’s of Photowalks!
As I mentioned above, my summer was a transitional one, I feel like I finally found my footing in the photo world and am continuing to grow… if you haven’t checked out my instagram recently then you definitely should.





If you don’t know what THIS is then I guess you’re new!! Check out this video to find out more… and this one while you’re at it!





Time with Friends + Family
Last summer I spent a month away from home in total… along with a few mini trips on top of that, this year it was really nice to just take time and enjoy the little moments…
















Discovering cool and interesting places in London is actually one of my favourite things to do… ever. This summer I took some time to find some instagram hotspots and explore (cannot wait to walk around London this christmas! You BET I’ll be at every Christmas light Switch-on there is!!)




Thats pretty much it – I hope you enjoyed!! Feel free to Tweet me your Summer memories @Synerjes!!

Going to Instagram Hot Spots in London!

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My little sister is one of the millions of her age that is obsessed with YouTube and with Zoella and her gang. She asked me a LOT of times to take her and eventually I said yes, I wouldn’t let the day be a waste all together though – Ellie, my sister, got a pop socket and explored the store so she was happy – then it was my turn to pick where we headed next.
From my experiences in Paris, I knew a trusty google search amongst Bloggers would not let me down so I typed in “instagram hot spots in london” we didn’t explore all of them but we did find some beautiful nooks and crannys in London that I will definitely be returning to! Some of the spots were pretty obvious, like Big Ben, but I had never actually seen it from the angle suggested with my own eyes.
So, with my camera in hand still feeling the buzz of my caramel frappucino with an extra shot, I stepped forward to get the best shots I could!
Here are the results!


















If you would like to see more of my day and follow along check out the Daily Vlog from the Day!



NYC – A Day in Pictures


If you know anything about me, it is that I LOVE New York City, it is certainly a ‘big’ trip for me to make considering I live across the pond in good ol’ England, however, that doesn’t stop me from visiting every couple of years.
Not only do I possess a never ending infatuation with the concrete jungle, I also have family of whom live on Long Island which is even more of a reason to go! I get to see my favourite people and be in my favourite place!

It has been a year since I wandered the crazy streets of manhattan dreaming of my box of an apartment which I would totally be happy in so long as I could survive and live and breathe my favourite place and trust me, when a year goes by I know it, I feel it… Hopefully I’ll return soon I would LOVE to go in December and see it at my favourite time of year too!
Here are some pictures I never actually posted on here from my trip last August. My style has changed since then, so it is nice to look back on both my fantastic day and my thought process in post production of these images, enjoy…



















4 Days in Paris – Reflections and PICTURES

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For those of you that don’t know/ haven’t heard me raving about how brilliant my mother is, for my 18th birthday I was surprised with a 4 day trip to France!!
For obvious reasons I was ridiculously excited! I rested up a lot before hand and then got packing and headed off to PARIS!

Eiffel Tower and Great Food!
Having packed our clothes and treats we woke up bright and early, which is hard on a Monday morning, however when you know you’re headed to Paris, you tend to get a little bit excited!
Arriving at the hotel and seeing the room was nice and clean we dumped our stuff and headed straight to the Montparnasse Tower, for just 15€ you are able to see a panoramic view of Paris! We could see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and so many more beautiful sites!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time was brilliant and really got us excited for the trip, I suggest that if you’re headed to Paris, you get yourself to the Montparnasse Tower or another building with great height and see the Eiffel Tower in all it’s glory.

Once we reached the ground floor we knew we had to go and see the Eiffel Tower before the day was gone, it was simply a walk away, how could we not!?

Our walk to the tower was something we was not expecting to be so exciting and beautiful, but we got to see many sights simply walking to the tourist structure.

After goofing around and double, triple checking the map, we saw the tip of the Eiffel Tower peaking out from behind some restaurant buildings and suddenly our motivation increased, as did our speed towards it. Oh my goodness was it amazing to see it in person.

I had seen so many pictures and videos and films about Paris including wonderful, stunning images of this beautiful structure, but nothing beats standing right next to it and aiming the vastness and detail of the thing I had been looking forward to seeing and ticking off of my bucket list!

Right next to the Eiffel Tower there is a street called Avenue De Suffren, and along this street is a restaurant called Le Beaujolais, I urge you to visit this restaurant if you have the chance, the customer service was wonderful and the food was divine!!!

If you follow me on snapchat (jessicav_h) then you may have seen this picture of how EPIC my meal looked when it arrived and yes, it did taste as good as it looked;

The Louvre 

I have always wanted to visit this place, and when we did we got extremely lucky, not only did we get some beautiful pictures of the exterior of the wonderful building…

… we also went inside and underground to shop for a couple of hours, this is where we bought our slightly expensive gifts for loved ones left at home. However, once we emerged to the surface and back to real life, Tommy decided he would drag me to the place where a seemingly temporary ride park had been set up…

Le Louvre 

This is where we sat – voluntarily – on a terrifying ride that took us spinning up side down and round, we could see the whole of Paris! I have never enjoyed the view from a rollercoaster so much in my life. It had been years since I’d risked going on a rollercoaster, with CFS and all my senses going into overdrive its risky, this one was mediocre though. I get sick even thinking back to it now, however. 


Definitely a favourite pick of mine, the roads surrounding the statue take you to many different places, we stopped at a cafe on the road with full view of the tower where I had the most epic meal ever, I ordered a club sandwich and a cappuccino  but really wasn’t expecting what they produced!

After trying very hard to finish this, we headed to shop till we dropped! I managed to find my dad the perfect present whilst there which was something I was very excited to give to him!

Rue De Bac

I will be writing another blog post about where to go in Paris thats a little less touristy, but I just couldn’t leave out this little street!

As are all of the streets of Paris, it was beautiful and we managed to find a few gems hidden away on this little strip that was next to Le Louvre.

There were so many cafes to choose from, this was where I had my first real french coffee, it was toooo good!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night
I cannot explain the feeling, of standing before something that looks so magical against the black sky and having all of your anticipation come true.
i had seen so many beautiful pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night, so when I forced my cousin-brother to walk an hours journey to the Eiffel Tower at 12am, arriving at 1am to see the lights, I wasn’t expecting to be as blow away as I was and boy was I in awe!
Just enjoy:

Stay tuned to hear about the hidden gems in Paris and where to find them! I’ll also being doing a blog post on the best places to go for food, so look forward to it and I’ll see you then!

Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference,
Jess x.

Why you should DEFINITELY travel ON YOUR OWN || Just GO for it!!


As you may know if you have followed me for a while, I am quite a well travelled person, considering I am still quite young, I can count on two hands, all the different countries I have been too and if we count the amount of times I have been to that country as well? The list grows a lot more…

In October 2015 me and my family took a trip to Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that is literally the size of London. Yes you read that right, if you really felt like it and could handle the heat, you could walk from one side of the island to the other!

It is on this trip that I finally realised I wanted to travel, now, don’t be misunderstood, my dream of travelling was developed long before October 2015, but this was the time when I knew I wanted to do it, I needed to do it and it needed to be soon.

Not long after, I booked my flight to New York, I have visited two times before but never on my own, I will be going in August this year (2016) and to say I am excited but nervous would be the understatement of the century.
However very recently – I’m talking two weeks ago recently – I took another trip to Malta for 6 days.

I did this for many reasons, I wanted to return and experience the real Malta, I have family there, my family is from there and the bluntness of the people makes me feel at home and a lot less rude.
I also wanted to clear my head… big time… you don’t realise how many things are bouncing of the walls of your brain until you really sit down to sift through all of these thoughts and find yourself wanting to make a list just so you can actually manage to do it! Malta helped me to sift through each thought, especially going on my own, I could walk along mindlessly in my own world for hours and not have to worry about leaving anyone behind.
Suffice to say there are a lot of reasons as to why I wanted to return to Malta but the main one is because I wanted to do it on my own. Before I went off and took an 8 hour flight to the big bad city that never sleeps I wanted to experience an airport on my own and boy am I glad I did it… turns out, its not that bad!

But this brings me onto our list of reasons why you should travel… on your own…

  1. It builds up your confidence BIG TIME, it was so nice to walk around a new country (sort of) and know that I got myself there… my mum didn’t pay for the ticket, I didn’t have anyone babysit me through the airport, I was getting from place to place by myself. This helped me realise that I’m not completely useless, I don’t need to rely on other people to get me where I want to go, I can do it myself.
  2. It’s peaceful. Travelling with other people is fun, you can experience things together, create inside jokes, have a better relationship with that person because you would have bonded a LOT. But travelling on your own?! I previously mentioned that I was able to walk along in my own world for hours and not worry about who is next to me and how they feel about what we are doing… this was one of the BEST things about my trip! I ate when I wanted to eat, I slept when I needed to, I went out when I wanted to and once I was out I could stop if I had to, I could take a picture of this and that without having to run to catch up after someone else, I was completely free. I certainly don’t suggest you spend weeks on end on your own because you’ll miss sharing the experiences with others, but it was so nice for me personally to just be in my own head for a little while each day and do whatever the hell I wanted.
  3. You meet people! When you travel with someone else you become wrapped up in your own world and what the two of you (or three of you.. or four etc etc) are doing and talking about… which is totally okay, but I wouldn’t have had the same experience with another person as I did on my own. Here’s why; on the plane going to Malta I sat next to two old ladies, at first I felt awkward and didn’t know what to say until they pulled out their ipads put in their headphones and watched tv/listened to music, after that one of them was having trouble with how to put airplane mode on so I showed her the quicker way. She was very thankful, the rest of the flight was a lot less awkward and we offered each other sweets, then when it came to landing we finally had the “where are you staying/ why are you here” conversation and I found out all kinds of things about them, I wouldn’t have done this if someone I knew was sitting next to me. Another example was when I got lost… (I did this quite a few times and found myself worrying about how relaxed I was!) instead of complaining to my companion about how neither of us knew where we were going, I asked the locals, I made friends, I was guided, one old man in particular made the bus driver stop in between where he was supposed to because he saw me realise I’d missed my stop because I was trying to sort out my bag… all of these things wouldn’t have happened if I’d have had someone with me.
  4. You’ll get lost! Now some of you will read that and think “nuh-uh” total deal breaker! But just because you travel alone doesn’t mean you will get lost… I just so happened to, and trust me, if you care that much about getting lost, you wont let yourself! But I did get lost. Several times, it doesn’t help that every where looks the same in Malta!! But getting lost ended up being my favourite thing to do, I kept my back pack topped up with water and snacks and of course my cameras and off I went, which made it really easy to not worry… at the end of the day I had Google maps if I wanted to rock up a big phone bill but… I didn’t need it and I found some amazing places that I definitely wouldn’t have found if I’d have kept to the roads and paths I was supposed to!
  5. When you go alone it lasts longer! For me personally, going alone made the 6 days I was away from everyone I know pass by a lot slower than it does when your busy not paying attention with friends, I enjoy it both ways, but soaking it all up meant I didn’t actually have to leave for a longer amount of time to enjoy it and when I came home I hadn’t missed much!
  6. You’ll come away feeling fantastic! My flight home from Malta was very mixed with emotions, I was ridiculously excited to see my family (because I felt like I’d been away for years!!) but I was also sad to be leaving the sun and palm trees behind. When I got home I realised how great it was to go away, I love the feeling of actually being back home, it is the point where you know you have all of these amazing memories and accomplishments that you managed all by yourself, but you’re also now surrounded by your family.

    That’s my sill little ol’ opinion anyway… let me know what you think and if you would ever consider travelling alone!

    Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!

    My Photo in the Local Newspaper || Jess


    In a recent Blog post I mentioned victories I’d had over the period of the week, the fact that they were small, yet still victories.
    Among those victories were better grades in class and a boost in social media, raising interest and one victory that I was most proud of… My picture getting into the newspaper.

    This was the first time I’d seen anything of mine in print, and for an aspiring photographer/film maker, it was a very special moment for me.
    The local newspaper holds a little competition every week, everyone sends their pics in and someone has to sit through and scroll and scroll until they find one they think is the best and pop it in!

    The actual photo that made it, I took whilst on a walk in the park with my family. I liked it mainly because it featured a flying dog, my flying dog!
    I didn’t tell anyone about it, I just sent the photo, I didn’t expect it to be chosen, and while it is a small victory, it is a significant one, my first one.

    So, there we have it, don’t be afraid to take risks, if you want something, go get it! Don’t fret about failure, because that’s a vicious cycle that leads you to failure itself!

    Remember, work hard, have fun, make a difference!


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