Can You Grow as a Newbie or is it REALLY just TOO crowded?

I have officially been a rubbish blogger recently. Between changing my room into my Pinterest / Blogger DREAMS (photo tour to come soon) and trying to prefilm as many videos as possible for May so that I can work on my ‘secret project’ my attention has simply been elsewhere… I wish that were the case, I WISH they were the only problems!

TOP TEN APPS ON MY PHONE – Blogging and Life

If I have learnt one thing about myself these past couple months, its that I bloody love a good app. Shopping, is there an app for that? *downloads stores app* reading the bible, finding inspiration, organising my life, if theres an app for it… i got it.

How to Find Motivation when you Work from Home

Working from home can be tough, whether you’re blogging, a photographer or a freelancer, student or anything that involves working from home! It can be tough to find the motivation to get to work especially when your bed is nice and warm and its cold outside and all you want to do is snuggle up and catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing out on!