Snapshots from Rainy London


Last minute London trips are my favourite thing, I live super close to the city so it’d be like… a crime not to take advantage of that! However, sometimes these trips are so last minute that no one checks the weather! Usually we get pretty lucky but we do live in England after all… we were  bound to get caught in the rain at some point!

My friend Jas and I braved the rain (so did our poor cameras) and went on a mini shooting adventure, later on in the day however, the rain went from heavy to a torrential storm (slight exaggeration) and we headed home for fluffy socks and hot cups of tea. Here are the photos we did manage to get whilst we were there though!




















Hope you enjoyed these little snapshots from our day in London, I was feeling pretty rough that day which added to the adventure being cut short but we got some pretty photos out of it, Jas had an interview while I warmed up and got some caffeine in me to keep me going until I got home and passed out!

Remember, Word Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference!

2017 Photo Round Up

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My photography, blog focus and general ideas about want I want to talk about changed a lot in 2017 but I am most proud of realising and finding my own photography style, so here is a round up of the best photos I took and some favourite memories of 2017!!!


Clacton w the Fam











Walks in the Park














Attempting ‘Lifestyle’ Shots…







Forest Visits















Spontaneous and full blown photoshoots with Friends…






























London Visits


























Last photoshoot of the YEAR! 










As you can probably see, not only has my style of actual photo taking and storytelling within photos changed, but so has my editing style and I finally have the editing style that with a few inevitable tweaks along the way I think I’ll be sticking to for a while now. I am super excited for the new year and its opportunities and experienced, especially for the blog and my photography and video making!!
The past year has truly been filled with ups and downs, I have come out stronger in many ways and honestly still weak about some things. Looking back at these photos makes me smile, let me know if you had a favourite or if you totally hate the new editing style!
Remember to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make a Difference! Love ya millions!

Summer Photo Round Up

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Summer is probably my second favourite time of year (after autumn of course) so when I saw that a few of the Bloggers I follow had done a summer photo round up I was, of course, very happy to jump on that bandwagon and attempt my own.

This summer was quite significant for me, transitional and impactful, I realised a lot about what I wanted to do and was challenged on some things that I had/hadn’t been doing. It was also my first summer that I can fully remember without a very special friend, some of you may not know that one of my dogs passed away right at the beginning and while I won’t go into it – he was an important little guy in my life.

So heres a round up of some of my favourite moments and the things I did, a final farewell.

My Birthday

The photos aren’t greatly detailed – everyone was enjoying themselves, including me which meant i didn’t feel like photographing the experience so much… which is when you KNOW you’ve had a good time! So here is the link to the VLOG



Lot’s and Lot’s of Photowalks!
As I mentioned above, my summer was a transitional one, I feel like I finally found my footing in the photo world and am continuing to grow… if you haven’t checked out my instagram recently then you definitely should.





If you don’t know what THIS is then I guess you’re new!! Check out this video to find out more… and this one while you’re at it!





Time with Friends + Family
Last summer I spent a month away from home in total… along with a few mini trips on top of that, this year it was really nice to just take time and enjoy the little moments…
















Discovering cool and interesting places in London is actually one of my favourite things to do… ever. This summer I took some time to find some instagram hotspots and explore (cannot wait to walk around London this christmas! You BET I’ll be at every Christmas light Switch-on there is!!)




Thats pretty much it – I hope you enjoyed!! Feel free to Tweet me your Summer memories @Synerjes!!

Going to Instagram Hot Spots in London!

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My little sister is one of the millions of her age that is obsessed with YouTube and with Zoella and her gang. She asked me a LOT of times to take her and eventually I said yes, I wouldn’t let the day be a waste all together though – Ellie, my sister, got a pop socket and explored the store so she was happy – then it was my turn to pick where we headed next.
From my experiences in Paris, I knew a trusty google search amongst Bloggers would not let me down so I typed in “instagram hot spots in london” we didn’t explore all of them but we did find some beautiful nooks and crannys in London that I will definitely be returning to! Some of the spots were pretty obvious, like Big Ben, but I had never actually seen it from the angle suggested with my own eyes.
So, with my camera in hand still feeling the buzz of my caramel frappucino with an extra shot, I stepped forward to get the best shots I could!
Here are the results!


















If you would like to see more of my day and follow along check out the Daily Vlog from the Day!