This One Thing Changed My Life

I’m not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me, I am telling you this so that you understand I’m not some wishy washy crazy person promoting something thats not really going to help….

I have been obsessed with this £4 Primark T-Shirt

I am currently a little obsessed with all things t-shirts, graphic designs, embroided text and pictures, slogans, I am in love with it all, I was in Primark recently just poking around to kill some time when I found the particular t-shirt in question and when I saw it was £4 I was pretty bloody shocked.

The Pinterest Goals Trip to Brighton

Brighton is somewhere I had never been before, I’d always wanted to go.. So when we went to brighton we were pretty excited to put our new inspiration to the test, could we really do it ourselves? I think the answer is yes…

Interior Details – A Happy Corner

Please be warned, I am by no means any good at interior design or taking photos of interiors but I have been working on the little things in my room and this corner is finally complete, of course, as always with home improvement I don’t think you could ever be finished so naturally there are…

Stretch Marks

I am done hating my body, i am done hating its marks and scars and i am definitely done hiding because of what other people might think.

A GLAMOURous Disaster

Ever since I stopped wearing bright pink eyeshadow to match my bright pink barbie shoe laces I have been interested in Magazines and Glamour Magazine was the one for me!
So to find out the news that Glamour is having to hold up both hands and say “we can’t do this anymore” is pretty sad for me.

My 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up + January Plan With Me!!

So, I know I am a little late to the party with this post but I decided to write and post it anyway because… who doesn’t love a good ol’ Bujo post!? Plus, there may be some people out there who are on the fence or have only just started bullet journalling! I know I started late last year and received my journal way after January had started this year so here we are!

Why I’m Choosing Instagram over YouTube

I was lucky enough to be around at a time when technology hadn’t quite taken over the world just yet and YouTube was truly a place for weird cat videos, I didn’t watch (loyally) my first youtuber until much later on yet before all this I’d make videos and take pictures, granted they weren’t great but when you aren’t even 12 yet your ideas can be a little simple! 
You can probably see where I am going with this… YouTube simply isn’t the same anymore! People with 10 mil subscribers will ignore someone asking for a collar who has 8 mil but then approach someone with 13 mil subscribers for the exact same thing! 

Snapshots from Rainy London

Last minute London trips are my favourite thing, I live super close to the city so it’d be like… a crime not to take advantage of that! However, sometimes these trips are so last minute that no one checks the weather! Usually we get pretty lucky but we do live in England after all… we were…

Learning to Love Yourself…

Like most girls and women out there in this weird age where you can open an app and somebody with the ‘perfect body’ is smiling up at you, I have had some trouble with accepting and loving myself, my personality, my body and all the things in between like little habits etc   Learning to accept who…